Skip & Shannon react to Lakers-Raptors scuffle, Montrezl & OG Anunoby ejections | NBA | UNDISPUTED
The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Toronto Raptors 110-101 last night, but not without some fireworks in the first quarter. Dennis Schroder fouled OG Anunoby during a layup attempt and continued to hold onto him to avoid a hard fall. However, Anunoby appeared to retaliate by nearly body slamming the Lakers' guard. Montrezl Harrell ran over to defend his teammate and was shortly ejected with Anunoby for their roles. Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe discuss whether both players should've been ejected or not.
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Skip & Shannon react to Lakers-Raptors scuffle, Montrezl & OG Anunoby ejections | NBA | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

  • Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    What did you think about the Lakers victory last night?

    • BlakMattMarvel

      Trent did nothing wrong. Harrel should've got tossed because he escalated Trent didn't push Schroeder till Schroeder got in his face

    • Cruz the world
      Cruz the world

      @Brian Morien I used to be a fan of KD as well and always rooted for him because he's a local kid. But once he showed his true colors that was enough for me. As far as LeBron, I agree. He's probably as close to a pristine role model as a face of the NBA as there's ever been. I have also been a huge fan of basketball my whole life. I played hoops and baseball from 8 years old through Junior College. I was more a fan of college hoops until Magic Johnson came along and I became a Lakers fan because of him. His youthful exuberance and competitiveness on the court are unmatched and he will always be my favorite player.

    • Brian Morien
      Brian Morien

      @Cruz the world We have different reasons. I was a fan of KD until he came at me with a burner. I have roasted Players like Westbrook and Harden. I meant it as motivation. They are certainly playing motivated. I hope I had a part to play in that. I love the sport. I love basketball. I do not like atheletes that have no class. LBJ is a class act (most of the time) KD and I are beefing right now (for fun in a positive way)we joke at each other via social. It is OK KD knows a roast is coming.

    • Cruz the world
      Cruz the world

      @Brian Morien I am in a similar situation as you as I never used to be a fan of LeBron until he came back to Cleveland. However I must say that it's incorrect to say that most of the league wasn't playing last year in the bubble. They were only a few players throughout the league that did not play and you can say that is the case in a lot of years with injuries and such. Similar to the Raptors in 2019 when KD and Klay were out. I also disagree about LeBron being disrespectful to the players that came before him. He has always been appreciative and complimentary every time he talks about the great players in NBA history. I don't see anything wrong with thinking you're the best at what you do and I don't believe that is a slight to other players.

    • Brian Morien
      Brian Morien

      @Cee Bee As a fan I will always put an asterick there.

  • Smart Moves
    Smart Moves

    Honestly knowing og that was his natural reaction 😂

  • MrBezl

    I can’t lie I laughed when skip called him Kareem Abdul Drummond

  • Clyde Griffith
    Clyde Griffith

    God: in six days I made the earth Skip: I know. I was there.

  • Roberto Reyes
    Roberto Reyes

    After seeing what the lakers did to the nets last night with no AD or Bron, they’re just out coach these other teams right now and that’s real basketball

  • Lamon Woods
    Lamon Woods

    Shannon doesn't even matter . You didn't play in the NBA but you got more to say than other person on these podcasts. Even present players.

  • dclayton777

    Skip must be very hard of hearing. Shannon yells. Must not know how to talk.

  • Marsha Julessa
    Marsha Julessa

    The ref was right there Trez shouldn't have gotten involved. Trent didn't shove anyone until Montrell cane barreling in. It should have been Flagrant 1 a fine and done.

  • Marsha Julessa
    Marsha Julessa

    Montrell overreacted. Shroeder should just let OG keep himself from falling, because he could barely hold him and that's how tangled arm leg situation happen. Shroeder is mad light. OG is clearly much stronger 😂

  • volgg

    and the weirdest part is the Vanvleet and Bembry got a game suspension. Bembry didn't even get involved in the scuffle and vanvleet was only a peacekeeper.

    • Marsha Julessa
      Marsha Julessa

      They left the bench that's why

  • Noah Collins
    Noah Collins

    It’s funny cause if u know OG u know he didn’t try that lol

  • sipboi

    Dude was holding Schroder from jump, Schroder was trying to get him off him if you really look at the vid.

  • TheItchUcantReach

    OG flipped a grown man like he was a little kid 🤣🤣🤣

  • Martin McDonald
    Martin McDonald

    But nobody wants to talk about they play before that when Gary Trent Jr stuck his leg out to trip one of the Lakers players

  • A1Hoopz

    Skip been to every sport event ever

  • Adam Murray
    Adam Murray

    The nutritious cloth currently recognise because jason accidentally hurry until a watery salmon. tacky, homeless slash

  • Triple Triple
    Triple Triple

    Skip is TK Kirkland of Sport Events


    That guy is a problematic, to much the uniform of LA Lakers for him (Trey) acting like he is a bad gansta all the time the same with the twin Morris I’m lakers fan but I don’t digest that 2 guys in the purple yellow .

  • Maf gak Puj kaz
    Maf gak Puj kaz

    The periodic macaroni phytochemically calculate because steven optimally knock below a omniscient island. festive, jittery gram

  • Elly Z
    Elly Z

    Shannon Sharp is sooo obnoxiously annoying 🙄🙄

  • S. Keegs
    S. Keegs

    Diving on lebron ankle, now the body slam of shroedder? League scared!

  • Saint Wretched
    Saint Wretched

    Shannon is at his best when he's trolling

  • Louie rockLV
    Louie rockLV

    Skip, we know we know, you covered it all 😔

  • Jeremiah Screen
    Jeremiah Screen

    Really skip be there for everything and out if all people the rockets sent you to the hospital really

  • Trek Ridley
    Trek Ridley

    Shannon: "The First Crusade in the 11th century was bloody" Skip: " I was there, covering the event"

  • Fisher Steven
    Fisher Steven

    Basketball blows

  • Chiggsy

    Bruh, OG is a nice guy, got nice scarves and all that, but you can't mess around with that guy. No way, no how. Dude was playing every day with Serge Ibaka for years, he's ready for the bigtime!

  • 1000 %
    1000 %

    You never grab a guy jumping by the waist or shoulders. That's a ACL tear waiting to happen. Dirty play by Laker guy OG handled it proper

  • Alexander Anderson
    Alexander Anderson

    OG with the side scoop slam for a one count.

  • Jeremy Hernandez
    Jeremy Hernandez

    Bro these guys bring so much laughs and happiness

  • Charles Cumberbatch
    Charles Cumberbatch

    Who needs skip when we have jenny

  • Dominique Ballou
    Dominique Ballou

    Skip kept including Kuzma as part of Big3 but fight back when unc mentions Drummond

  • Nikola Tesla
    Nikola Tesla

    He literally 60 pounds

  • Nova

    OG helping the Raptors tank :)


    Skiuuup is always “covering” a game...or was always there😂😭🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Sherwin D'Souza
    Sherwin D'Souza

    They were drained. Down five players (Raptors).

  • Cee Bee
    Cee Bee

    Touching is bad in a pandemic ?

  • Google Account
    Google Account

    When Skip starts talking I skip.

  • Sticks Itinya
    Sticks Itinya guys get paid to suck!!! awesome!!!

  • Joseph

    It’s because Schroeder weighs like 85 pounds and wouldn’t let go of him. I don’t think he even meant to flip him he was just tryna get back on his feet.

  • James Williams
    James Williams

    Skip is the Steve Harvey of the Sports Community, this guy is the 1st to say something or has been on the scene of everything sports.

  • joeydamisfit Official
    joeydamisfit Official

    Undeserved ejection. How about we do something about Dennis pretending to injured?

  • Babita Ramlal
    Babita Ramlal

    Leave our OG alone.

  • Narquise Lawrence
    Narquise Lawrence

    Kermit one hitter quiter Washington

  • Antoine Rogers
    Antoine Rogers

    Trez pushed Trent just for being there. He a fake tough guy forreal. Trent Jr didnt do anything for Trez to shove him in the back...why he aint shove OG?

  • Smaj KilleR
    Smaj KilleR


  • Dan B
    Dan B

    OG picked him up like a kindergarten , was funny af but still play it safe.

  • Marvin Norman
    Marvin Norman

    Who cares... Lakers are done

  • Oliver

    why do they not show any game footage?

  • K R
    K R

    0:39 Rudy Tomjanovich lost his life? I'm pretty sure he's a consultant for the Timberwolves.

  • Mr_Jianni

    You know damn well if OG did that to shroder shannon wouldve been like it was a dirty play it was unnecessary you should never grab a man

  • Jeremy Chaney
    Jeremy Chaney

    Skip always sounds like hes eating cookies when shannon makes a good point😂

  • D Salcida
    D Salcida

    Rudy Tomjanovich got hit so hard he can taste his spine fluid... think about that....

  • Mawuli Eric
    Mawuli Eric

    Menh!!!! How does skip keep making up scenarios all the time?

  • Gio Epic Gamer
    Gio Epic Gamer

    he wasn’t even looking at schroder

  • Jalil Johnson
    Jalil Johnson

    @2:36 so my man hit rudy so hard, he was leaking spinal fluid from a punch in the jaw...👀 My man should had been a boxer. My God dude could had been heavy weight champ of the world lol

  • soulstice99

    Raptors had only 8 players... removing Trent would have been tough to finish game

  • Michelle Tusek
    Michelle Tusek

    Dennis is a dirty player. Haha I laughed so hard. It was great to watch.

  • steve Dilati
    steve Dilati

    The trust is skip probably has been there for every major sports event since 1950, you may not agree with what he says but he has followed almost every sport very closely for a longggg time.

    • steve Dilati
      steve Dilati


  • V4LH3RU

    Skip was covering siege of Jerusalem for Roman Empire Times, wasn't he?

  • DMbabeful

    OG was not upset though. He was trying to get up

  • millercmdn

    Goat, Baby Goat and Kareem Abdul drummond 🤣

  • JustNotfamousYet

    “Kareem Abdul-Drummond” 😂😂


    LEBRON pushes embid in mid-air cause he was gonna dunk on the fake goat like a rookie, one if the dirtiest plays of the year & shannon had nothin to say!💯

  • Tye Bambrough
    Tye Bambrough


  • Clint Wilson
    Clint Wilson

    Just the LA Fakers getting pushed around by weaker teams. Gutless and Nutless.

  • Jared Woods
    Jared Woods

    IF Skip comes out with an autobiography it should be called "I WAS THERE"

  • Moses Ungson
    Moses Ungson

    OG flipping Schroeder was totally unnecessary.

  • Gabriel Herrera
    Gabriel Herrera

    Sometimes it amazes me at the depth of knowledge of Shannon, specially for not a person that was a sports analyst/reporter all his life. They hired Brandon Marshall to be like him, but he can only hope to be half of Shannon Sharpe.

    • Gabriel Herrera
      Gabriel Herrera

      @Alexx Allert he can recall a random game in 1992 no problem. That type of knowledge, and everyone uses stats, skip uses them all the time too

    • Alexx Allert
      Alexx Allert

      What knowledge? When it comes to basketball he just reads off a bunch of stats and bases his opinion off of that

  • pasha alvani
    pasha alvani

    Sensational suite

  • Thabiso Zinyuke
    Thabiso Zinyuke

    Shannon got that joker suit ...swag 🙌😂

  • melian9999

    He lifted him, one arm, Schroeder weighs at least 200, I dont think he knows his own strength. Like a bag a potatoes

  • Valentim Mate
    Valentim Mate

    SKIP : Ovecourse the Raptors didn't had they 2 best players in Fred V. and Kyle L. SHANNON: So what about our 2 best players ? SKIP: I got it, I got it.. ME: 😂😂😂😂😂

  • The Big-O
    The Big-O

    Am I the only one who heard Uncle Shay call Skip "scoop" ??????lmao

  • Simon Wang
    Simon Wang

    The polite volleyball intraspecifically disagree because north transmurally contain until a dapper end. debonair, phobic parsnip

  • Ell Ebak
    Ell Ebak

    Lol "Big Drum" this one was funny lol

  • GoodFellA 009
    GoodFellA 009

    OG's arm was stuck so when he got up Schroeder got scooped. No intent to flip him.

  • MK B
    MK B

    OG should be suspended

  • Thewriteway2fail

    What y'all complaining about? As easy as OG lifted him. If he wanted to hurt him he would have

  • Tremblay Cooper
    Tremblay Cooper

    The lush idea conversely greet because marimba directly kiss given a ahead link. jumbled, cool ethiopia

  • yonis badar
    yonis badar

    why did OG want to help Schroder after he scooped him

  • NaniiBoii

    Skip covered the birth of Jesus and wrote about it in the Chicago Tribune

  • William Hill
    William Hill

    Skip tried to lie an say kermit had a running start to tag rudy! Rudy ran into! Kermit fist!

  • Veeran Mor
    Veeran Mor

    I watch OG a lot and I know he is not the guy to do that on purpose.

    • J H
      J H

      im a raptors fan but how in your brain does that process as an accident?? he hooked his leg and swept him off his feet like he was 50 pounds then gently put him down bc he prob didn't want an ejection or suspension.. that's not something that just happens

  • Daniel Oceans
    Daniel Oceans


  • IndyNap317

    Skip act like he was at EVERY game in the 90's smdh

  • Instructor Irving Tony Campos Lugo
    Instructor Irving Tony Campos Lugo

    Leaking spinal fluids? sh*t

  • Ramin Ghafarian
    Ramin Ghafarian

    Skip "was there" covering the Maximus vs Julius Caesar fight in the Colosseum.

    • JR Swish
      JR Swish

      "And i gotta tell you, Lebron James would not last in the BC era like how Michael Jeffrey Jordan would"

  • Corporal Feel no type a way
    Corporal Feel no type a way

    OG had no malice intended. He's humble but not a pushover. Ask Gobert when he got in OG's face last season and OG checked him... Anunoby is not Draymond!


    Shannon’s suite is on fleek.👌🏻

  • IamDajanae

    Theres no angle you can watch this from and say Trent Jr shoved first lmao. He literally had his backed turned trying to help Dennis when Montrez shoved him. We know your a Laker fan Shannon but come on lmao.

  • Narro Di Braveone
    Narro Di Braveone

    Skip: The Raptors are without their 2 best players so that Lakers win don’t count.. Everybody else: The Lakers are without their top 3 players what you talking about man 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Nova

    Only a man like OG would flip a grown man with a straight face

  • Monte Kilo
    Monte Kilo

    So i might swing on you😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ree

    See you in May.

  • S P
    S P

    OG was trying to brace himself, because his whole body was off the ground, while Dennis kept moving forward. Then in that awkward position he tries to move his arm and Dennis goes down.

  • Jimi Kim
    Jimi Kim

    The material balance interspecifically lock because liquid intriguingly mourn underneath a greedy anthropology. lacking, oval moustache

  • Hannah Logarski
    Hannah Logarski

    The addicted kendo architecturally flash because helmet peroperativly produce amidst a freezing oyster. oafish, subdued english

  • Taeaofou Tuilaepa
    Taeaofou Tuilaepa

    Now first thing dat skip is right about when dat guy didn't toss out of da game last night...

  • Usman Ghazi
    Usman Ghazi

    MR. "Skip "i was there" bayless"