Skip & Shannon react to Jets' Sam Darnold being traded to the Carolina Panthers | NFL | UNDISPUTED
It appears the New York Jets will indeed be drafting a quarterback with the 2nd-overall pick like most experts projected. Yesterday, they finally traded away former number 3 overall pick Sam Darnold to the Carolina Panthers. In return, New York received a 6th-round pick this year, and a 2nd and a 4th next year. Hear what Skip Bayless and Shannon have to say about Darnold's new future with the Panthers.
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UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
Skip & Shannon react to Jets' Sam Darnold being traded to the Carolina Panthers | NFL | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

  • Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Will Sam Darnold lead the Panthers to the playoffs next season?



    • Juan Gonzales
      Juan Gonzales

      No. He sux.

    • Roosevelt Moss
      Roosevelt Moss


    • Melly Kruger
      Melly Kruger

      @Alexander Jones Biggest threat to the bucs now is the panthers in that division...lets be honest barring a miracle the falcons don't amount to much but furthermore I don't see saints competing unless they get a god damn QB now.

    • Ephifan Sturdivent
      Ephifan Sturdivent

      @Alexander Jones trash just bc y’all got the golden boy . Y’all wasn’t nothing before he got there so chill out bandwagon 🤣

  • NYSportsFan1129

    1:18 To this day, I still don’t understand why they don’t show the clips they’re reacting to. It’s stupid.

  • Anthony Freeman
    Anthony Freeman

    23 Cases against desaun? C'mon man this has gotten ridiculous. So desaun has been going around sexually assaulting massage therapist? Is that what they want us to believe?

  • Lucas Westwood
    Lucas Westwood

    without major injury Panthers go 10-7

  • Lucas Westwood
    Lucas Westwood

    skip if full of it. I watched every game. In 2019 according to pundits the Jets had the worst offensive line in NFL history!! In 2020 The Jets OL was rated 29th. They let his fave receiver go, an admitted mistake. They never had a running game, so play action was non existent. Sam had a target on his back and ran for his life most of the time. Watch the games that they won and you will see the real Sam. Jets 0-10 when Sam didn't start.

  • Gilbert Washington
    Gilbert Washington

    Finally my sam darnold rookie card will begin to rise in value😁! Those jets are great at ruining players football lifes

  • Jayden Nguyen
    Jayden Nguyen

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  • Sailorboi Kev
    Sailorboi Kev

    It’s amazing to see them STILL talk so glowingly about Watson even with all the allegations that tells me they don’t believe these women either lol

  • liquidvizions

    Skip is so goofy.

  • Duke Watson
    Duke Watson

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    • 4diamond


  • Crimson Bot
    Crimson Bot

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  • Levin Chiappinelli
    Levin Chiappinelli

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  • Hawaiiguy Kailua
    Hawaiiguy Kailua

    Fair points from Skip, caveat is Sam has "never" had a QB coach or OC in his career, which is a short five years including college and he's still 23. Yes he's made dumb mistakes, but he's always done whatever he can to win a game. So I'll give him a pass considering Helton and Gase did nothing to help him progress, Bowles doesn't count as they fired him after one year with Sam and made the team much worse as it went. Now that he is on a team that understands today's offense with Matt and Joe, I see Sam exploding onto the NFL by end of the year.

  • Sam Acosta
    Sam Acosta

    Go Sam, I'm a Panther fan NOW!!!!. Make fast release just like you did at USC. Carolina has now several thousands new fans.

  • Dede Mattera
    Dede Mattera

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  • Kendra Stickings
    Kendra Stickings

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  • gerard lundrigan
    gerard lundrigan

    Skip and shannon #1 of all the sports shows man!! Must watch lol

  • Ricky Tombstone
    Ricky Tombstone

    I hope Sam Darnold comes back and beats the stuffing out of the Jets and his teammates carry him off the field and I am a Jet fan. The O line still stinks so the Jets are back to square one and no top receivers. NO Corrners.

  • Masalmeh Rami
    Masalmeh Rami

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  • marvinshenk

    You could give the Jets every pick in the first round and they would still go 5-11, oh, well I guess 5-12 now.

  • Nico Bailem
    Nico Bailem

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  • Tom Riddle
    Tom Riddle

    When Sam donald came into the league everyone was like he’s the best prospect at qb blah blah and the jets ruined him and the jets are gunna ruin their next QB

  • Basquiat

    Teddy is better

  • Paul Escamilla
    Paul Escamilla

    Happy for Darnold.

  • Moeseph Jancino
    Moeseph Jancino

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  • Melly Kruger
    Melly Kruger

    Panthers will be 11-6 or 10-7 next year. Watch.

  • John P OConnell
    John P OConnell

    Skip is actually right about Darnold he's a turnover machine.

  • eatcheesekobe

    I like how Skip is still defending Baker for doing the exact same thing he accused Darnold of doing, but which much much better help on offense and defensive over the last few years in cleveland (playing hero ball).

  • Lights out Ttyz
    Lights out Ttyz

    I’m happy for Sam darolnd now he has a pretty good team and good players around him

  • steven vox
    steven vox

    The jets improved their offensive line last year and Darnold had his worst year.

  • moresources

    colin cowards favorite QB.

  • Devin Wood
    Devin Wood

    I doubt the top 3 QBs will be there at 8 so Carolina took what they thought was next best. Now they should take Kyle pitts at 8 if he’s available

  • Julian Greif
    Julian Greif

    So seems like Skip is still mad over the jets winning against Dallas. 😂

  • Tom Van
    Tom Van

    have to see how he does in a different situation. This will be interesting to see if he does well or flops.

  • Mr. Fluffles
    Mr. Fluffles

    So when Darnold flops whats the excuse gonna be this time

    • Chuggy Luv
      Chuggy Luv

      He has no help. Just like they say for all white qbs that suck

    • Ephifan Sturdivent
      Ephifan Sturdivent

      He ain’t flopping homie. See what Anderson did this year removing himself from the Jets. Our coaching staff isn’t incompetent like Joe Douglas and Adam Gase. Don’t believe me, check their resumes my guy💯

  • Street Disciple Entertainment
    Street Disciple Entertainment


  • Tracy Gilcrest
    Tracy Gilcrest

    Shannon Sharpe You the man I love you boy

  • Jay Bird
    Jay Bird

    Adam Gase has to be the worst OC & coach ever!!! 2014: Bears & Jay Cutler are rank 21st. in offense! 2015 Bears hire Gase and their offense improves to..... 21st in offense! 2016 Dolphins hire Gase as HC! 24th in offense! 2017 Dolphins 25th in offense! 2018 Dolphins 31st in offense! 2019 Jets stupidly listen to Peyton Manning, hire Gase! 32nd in offense! 2020 Jets 31st in offense! Anyone or any team that ever hires Adam Gase again should have their heads examined!!

  • Jeny Arriaga
    Jeny Arriaga

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  • Try not to get angry
    Try not to get angry

    I’m a Carolina fan so I’m loving this

  • Lit OnYayo
    Lit OnYayo

    is it me or did shannons razer miss under his lip?

  • nahim bishop
    nahim bishop

    lets not forget skip the jets had a terrible o line and coaching tried to lose on purpose

  • Brandon Brown
    Brandon Brown

    I agree with Skip

  • Christian Soldier
    Christian Soldier

    Sam Darnold is the 4th best QB in his draft class which means he is only slightly better than Josh Rosen LOL


    Come on niners let’s get bridgewater.

  • Rodney JENKINS
    Rodney JENKINS

    Jenny. You are correct!!!!

  • cliff woodbury
    cliff woodbury

    one of the best 3 RB's in the backfield and far more weapons. 0-10 without him. Thats an interesting stat i didin't know and makes his record look a lot better. Never seen a lossing record look so good. Now the Pats can get Bridgewater if they don't want/can't get Watson.

  • Gerardo Reyes2
    Gerardo Reyes2

    The panthers actually made a smart move

    • Christian Soldier
      Christian Soldier

      Gerardo Reyes2 No No they didnt LOL

  • Lee taptico
    Lee taptico

    Since Watson is going to prison I'll take Darnold. At least until Watson gets paroled.

  • Mike Odie
    Mike Odie

    I agree with Skip. I like Bridgewater there more..

  • Rusty Henson
    Rusty Henson

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  • Ryan Semen
    Ryan Semen

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    And why would you want Tiger Woods drug tested, and the results published. Why, why. For whose gain, and for whose protection. It's hard to see how improved ratings for your show, gleaned from a voracious discourse over a positive Tiger Woods test (and it's subsequent ramifications) it's hard to see how that should take precedence over the welfare of a man ( a human being) and his family. I'm still an avid fan, but shame on both of you. Yes, I'm a huge Tiger Woods fan for some 30 yrs. A bigger fan than I am of you Skip, and you Shannon. But still your fan. Empathy is more than a word in the dictionary.


    I work in Healthcare. One word, HIPPA. Even if you know the facts, and your patient is drug positive, if the patient declines, you cannot force any testing, medication, or treatment. PERIOD. Anything else requires legal interjection.

  • Melvin The Magnificent
    Melvin The Magnificent

    I swear I think Shannon is deaf

  • Mike Greer Jr.
    Mike Greer Jr.

    3:33 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Garrett Murphy III
    Garrett Murphy III

    Funny part about jets being 0-10 without Sam Darnold, for over half of those we were using out 3rd & 4th QB because everyone was hurt

  • Rutherford Hayes
    Rutherford Hayes

    Skip "Captain Obvious" Bayless.

  • Red Jesus
    Red Jesus

    Whoa whoa whoa..Skip has said some outlandish things, but he really just said he'd take Baker Mayfield over Josh Allen. 🙄🙄🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Danny B
    Danny B

    Baker over Josh Allen = 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Tyrell Abbott
    Tyrell Abbott

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  • Jon Benton
    Jon Benton

    BINGO !!!

  • Tyrell Abbott
    Tyrell Abbott

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  • josh darius
    josh darius

    BOYCOTT this show all whites..MUSHMOUTH SS is a Racist...DO NOT WATCCH THIS SHOW EVERE AGAIN...i wont and skip is now a woke pos too

  • Martin DeBrois
    Martin DeBrois

    There are a lot of things about Darnold that fill with the Panthers - Could be the beginning of a new successful era 🙂

  • Jace macfie
    Jace macfie

    Shannon has no clue what he’s talking about. Why would JD be gone? Lmao. Obviously ownership agreed that Sam wasn’t the dude

  • Rich Ricey
    Rich Ricey

    Trevor fields

  • Jorge Martinez
    Jorge Martinez

    Baker over Allen............REAALLY SKIP!?

  • onice33

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 "Jeremy Roll the tape"

  • Ross Pena
    Ross Pena

    Sharp looks like Steve Urkel bought a boflex

  • Joell Dixon
    Joell Dixon

    Can y’all show us the video that they request during the show??? Like what are we looking at

  • jerrod satterfield
    jerrod satterfield

    Dont forget skip he beat our cowboys

  • telyslick

    These dudes didn’t watch him every Sunday missing wide open receivers smh...

  • Boogie Jameston
    Boogie Jameston

    I agree 100% with skip

  • Vinzent Gaming
    Vinzent Gaming

    Sam be like damn i just escaped playing against brady last year now i gotta face him again? 🤦‍♂️

  • Kandi Heart
    Kandi Heart

    Oh shut up skip! Watch he proove you wrong.

  • todd long
    todd long

    Shannon is WRONG ...You can Still go 8-8 ...They have TIES In the NFL ...So you can go 8-8 & 1 TIE ...

  • Hassan Banks
    Hassan Banks

    Sam Donald is a bum Carolina Panthers are going to be horrible with him as quarterback

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay

    Don't know who the jets drafting but I surely would hate to be him

  • 28bLaK Music
    28bLaK Music

    Cowherd will be upset if you keep up the Sam Darnold slander

  • Valerie Ortiz
    Valerie Ortiz

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  • Isaiah Fitzgerald
    Isaiah Fitzgerald

    I have Carolina going 10-7 maybe 11-6 they just need a tight end and need to round out their defense.

    • Christian Soldier
      Christian Soldier

      Isaiah Fitzgerald You are delusional dude Sam just doesnt make good decisions at QB They will be lucky to win 5 games

    • Gareth Johnson
      Gareth Johnson

      Not in that division they won't. Don't know what games they have next year ie opponents out of division but the NFC is very tight with some good teams that struggled last year but are getting better ie Vikings, Cowboys, 49ers

    • Corey Lineberry
      Corey Lineberry

      Good thing there's a fantastic TE that could fall to the 8th overall.... Florida boy named Pitts.

  • Chris Gillis
    Chris Gillis

    I think that he has a chance to succeed in Carolina. I think the New Jersey Jets made him appear worse than he actually is.

  • Jessie Gutman
    Jessie Gutman

    I really enjoy watching this when I can but show us the bloody video that you're watching so we have better context.

  • Kevin Gray
    Kevin Gray

    6 wins? Bruh. That's trash, even for skip. Panthers win 10 easily.

  • Anthony Norman Jr
    Anthony Norman Jr

    Sam Darnold is in great shape with his career coming to Carolina Panthers this is an amusing blockbuster move!

    • Anthony Norman Jr
      Anthony Norman Jr

      @Zachary He came from USC so he has swagger he can run the offense!

    • Zachary

      He sucks

  • Bruce Bruce
    Bruce Bruce

    This was a horrible trade by my Panthers. Gave up entirely too much for a busted QB who isn't even better than the QB we already have.

  • Dallas Hanson
    Dallas Hanson

    The excuses and narratives change QB to QB. I tell ya

  • John Frazier
    John Frazier

    Sam Darnold has a gem of an opportunity 1️⃣ Brady will retire soon (hopefully) 2️⃣ Saints are rebuilding and juggling cap issues 3️⃣ Falcons are rebuilding/cursed 4️⃣ North Carolina is beautiful and low cost of living is a plus. Darnold is from San Clemente, CA. It suits him more than NY 5️⃣ Boost to your brand making it to a Super Bowl vs. Mahomes, potentially Allen, Jackson, etc. 6️⃣ Win a franchise’s first Super Bowl and become the de facto best QB in their history

    • Christian Soldier
      Christian Soldier

      Ross Pena Saints arent rebuilding and neither are the falcons LOL Saints will be good and the falcons always have a potent offense

  • Michael

    How to give Lions fans Vietnam flashbacks: mention Matt Millen

  • Jewel Tyler
    Jewel Tyler

    Last time I checked every highlight I see from Tennessee is Derrick Henry not Ryan tannehill... so you can stop that tannehill stuff cuz every time they try to put the ball in Tannehills hands to win the game ,when the other team stops Henry, Tennessee loses...

  • Dwayne Waddell
    Dwayne Waddell

    the jets trash every year allways picking in the top 5 of the nfl draft. does not matter who they pick they gonna be trash

  • Luh C
    Luh C

    Because he not bad QB

  • Football Starr
    Football Starr

    So when Deshaun gets proven NOT guilty....every single one of those women should be in jail for life for lying

    • Matt Dorn
      Matt Dorn

      He’s definitely guilty... if it was 1 or 2 women, they could be lying for attention or money. But we’re at Bill Cosby numbers now. Deshaun may not be guilty of EVERY accusation, but he is for sure guilty of some.

  • nick ace777
    nick ace777

    Sam's stats his second season 19 td vs 13 int. 84 passer rating. Pretty good numbers.

    • Cedric Williams
      Cedric Williams

      @LaDarrius Jennings in his defense that O line was terrible darnold was always under pressure

    • LaDarrius Jennings
      LaDarrius Jennings

      Don’t forget how much he fumbles.

    • Cedric Williams
      Cedric Williams

      Not good but for the jets who had no weapons I guess that's decent

  • Adrian Lazaro
    Adrian Lazaro


  • Adolfo Castillo
    Adolfo Castillo

    Context matters !!! Joe Douglas was not there when Darnold got drafted

  • Big White
    Big White

    Yeah, where is Shannon and his "source" to DeShawn.

  • M.A.L Tv
    M.A.L Tv

    The 17 game schedule won’t be here for long

  • bainyerd1

    Adam Gase great position coach maybe coordinator horrible head coach.