Skip & Shannon on whether Lakers are placing too much pressure on Andre Drummond | NBA | UNDISPUTED
Andre Drummond is set to make his Los Angeles Lakers debut tonight, starting at center for LA as they take on the Milwaukee Bucks. And now Jeanie Buss is the latest member of Laker Nation to get hyped over Drummond joining the team, posting a photo of her welcoming the new center along with a picture of her dad, the late Dr. Jerry Buss, welcoming Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to the Lakers in the 70s. Hear what Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe have to say about Andre Drummond's debut with the Lakers.
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Skip & Shannon on whether Lakers are placing too much pressure on Andre Drummond | NBA | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

  • Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Are the Lakers placing too much pressure on Andre Drummond?

    • Urbain Delva
      Urbain Delva

      Yes. Idk why Jeanie thought that was a good idea. To compare herself with Drummond to her father with Kareem? Stop.

    • James Brown
      James Brown

      @hulkdaddy71 why is that so funny

    • hulkdaddy71

      @James Brown 😭😭😭😭...

    • Ryan Garcia
      Ryan Garcia

      No Andre Drummond just needs to continue doing what he does and be a monster on the boards and be a threat in the paint and lakers back to the finals 🏀🏀🏀

    • al dex
      al dex

      Another stupid take by old bitter skip

  • Swaggy E
    Swaggy E


  • David Grigorjan
    David Grigorjan

    The step!!😂😂😂😂

  • Charles Cumberbatch
    Charles Cumberbatch

    Shut up skip

  • SavPlayz X
    SavPlayz X

    If the lakers win and Andre plays well they gonna say his impact was comparable to kareem’s

  • SavPlayz X
    SavPlayz X

    The fact that people are trying to compare drummond to Kareem is sad tbh

  • Yo Go
    Yo Go

    He is averaging 17 13

  • Mathews Business
    Mathews Business

    Shannon trippin talking about Drummond is better than Rasheed Wallace ! 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • dee essex
    dee essex

    Rasheed got traded to Detroit

  • Ramsey Hernandez
    Ramsey Hernandez

    3 mvps with 3 teams? Tf Shannon smoking

  • Ramsey Hernandez
    Ramsey Hernandez

    Dude u guys and the rest of the media are putting to much pressure on him

  • will liam
    will liam

    But what else can lakers nation cheer for at this time?

  • N26P7

    Career 47% :🔥🔥 From FT : 💀💀💀💀

  • DLT

    Sheed was a much better player than Drummond. I remember at one point, some thought that he was the most talented player in the league if he had his head on right. Dominant in the post, 3pt range, and an elite defender. Drummond has none of that

  • Alexander Adonyae
    Alexander Adonyae

    Im from Detroit!! Andre is a good Center, he is like Matthew Stafford lol great stats but it never produced wins smh but...ill still pick Prime Rasheed Wallace over Andre Drummond💯💯

  • Chad Woff
    Chad Woff

    Drummond isn't better then sheed wallace on his best day lol 😆 😂 🤣

  • Laurice Heard
    Laurice Heard

    1 game 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Charles Picard
    Charles Picard

    I think Shannon put too much pressure on Drummond

  • Dominique Henry
    Dominique Henry

    My question would be why Washington traded Rasheed to Portland got what for him n Drummond no where near better than sheed not even in technical calls

  • Hurricane ED
    Hurricane ED

    6:49 did he just say andre drummond is better then rashed wallace thats BIGGGG CAPPP he led the blazers to the WCF Finals , not only him but he was a big part of that run. So stop the Cap shay

  • Christopher Lopez
    Christopher Lopez

    Lebron at Cavs: Shannon #1 Cavs fan Lebron joins Heat: Shannon #1 Heat fan Lebron back at Cavs: Shannon #1 Cavs fan again 🙄 Lebron joins Lakers: Shannon #1 LaLa-Land fan...pick a team Shay shay and stick to it...smh 🤦‍♂️

  • John Doe
    John Doe

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  • bollocksnlilies

    We got a new player, let us be happy man!! Let Jeanie be happy

  • Thomas Yates
    Thomas Yates

    Andre came from the Pistons. Coming from. Detroit Piston fan he doesn’t have a good understanding of their chemistry. He dealt with chaos for so long.

  • Wildin Lara
    Wildin Lara

    The tacit arch phongsaly shiver because panda unlikely strap qua a finicky hubcap. ubiquitous, illegal creator

  • Isaac D
    Isaac D

    Why are we comparing Drummond to Kareem lol Lakers just need him to play D rebound and catch lobs, they don't need him doing skyhooks 😂

  • Felix Karamoy
    Felix Karamoy

    Nice debut stats for drummond : 14 mins 4 pt 1 reb (omg) 2 ast 3 turnovers 0 ft As a starting center without AD and Bron? Lakers nation should be worried!!!

  • Dom Issac
    Dom Issac

    Shannon come on my guy-drummond would get destroyed by Sheed

  • javier book shadows contributor du
    javier book shadows contributor du

    802nd comment

  • Craigslist Reply
    Craigslist Reply

    nah drummond just fckn sucks

  • Ken Moe
    Ken Moe

    Drummond can't see wallace. Shannon trippin

  • Mel D
    Mel D

    Wwe >>> nba

  • Jermaine J
    Jermaine J

    THIS is exactly why I never understand why people hate Skip so much. He isn't even serious with some of the stuff he says, even he laughed when he thought about what he said. "We piled up so many wins we didn't need another one."

  • Jermaine J
    Jermaine J

    @Skip Sue Ellen shot JR because of his cheating getting out of control.

  • Jermaine J
    Jermaine J

    That would be a very interesting combo Drummond and AD long term. Looking past LeBron he on his way out thankfully.

  • Mister Myself
    Mister Myself

    He cant believe he is a top 3 option when they are healthy, so he cant think its all on him. Being with LAL comes with its own pressures and if he is an elite player then it should be what he wants. Its what you have to fo to win a ring.

  • kb 2003
    kb 2003

    The lakers need shooters..😂

  • DNicerazorz

    L 😂😂😂

  • Chuck Balkin
    Chuck Balkin

    He doesn't need to score, Lebron, AD, Harrell, Schroeder and Kuzma all are ahead of him in offense. His job in LA is to rebound and play good interior defense.

    • Big Ben
      Big Ben

      Yep, and even Skip can't say Drummond isn't capable.

  • Truthmás

    So Drummond is being hyped.... what about Blake griffin and albridge ? Those guys can’t even move a leg without asking the other to get out of the way 😂

  • Ioan Alexandru Nedelcu
    Ioan Alexandru Nedelcu

    Skip has no clue !!

  • Tarae S
    Tarae S

    Wow.. This age badly.. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jamez G.
    Jamez G.

    dam another busted trade for a busted toe

  • Jeff Léger
    Jeff Léger

    I always wonder why Kareem is not considered the GOAT over Jordan. The guy was a winner!

  • Vivian Lopez
    Vivian Lopez

    The absorbed lumber histomorphometrically wrap because pressure universally level unlike a lowly poultry. aberrant, ablaze weeder

  • Harrison Gu
    Harrison Gu

    Good job skip. You proved to the world that Andre Drummond is not Kareem. No wonder they pay you the big bucks over there

  • sixtyFive Watts
    sixtyFive Watts

    "she gonna be the queen james" i know he wanted to say that

  • Black Beard
    Black Beard

    Man he said Drummond is better than Rasheed Wallace 🤔 utterly ridiculous. I hate when these analyst reach for the length of it come on now

  • JDubb

    a 33x50 lmao

  • Elbow Gang
    Elbow Gang

    Shannon need his behind whooped. Andre Drummond can't sniff Rasheed Wallace jock strap and I'm a Detroit native so I definitely can speak on the two. Only thing Andre can do better is rebound that's it.

  • ItsOnLy DiRt
    ItsOnLy DiRt

    "The Lakers"...Nah. The Media is placing too much pressure on Drummond.

  • Di-RRec Gaming
    Di-RRec Gaming

    Well this didn’t age well! We all saw what happened to the Lakers last night 🤣🤣🤣

  • E. Scott
    E. Scott

    Almost as delusional as comparing Lebum and MJ..

  • Rakettivuori

    Skip forgot about Dre

  • iam oneclicker
    iam oneclicker

    The panoramic refund willy frighten because grain rheologically blink like a befitting meat. noxious, whole var verbs = [aardvark

  • Tim Nyznik
    Tim Nyznik

    Drummond plays 1 game and gets hurt, yeah the Lakers ain't making it out the west shannon

  • king lou
    king lou

    Nets in 4

  • Relationshipstuff 101
    Relationshipstuff 101

    Just glad to have him. 🦾

  • Salman Khan
    Salman Khan

    Skip " You know it & i know it " Bayless !!!

  • 23rdletterassasin

    He’s not under too much pressure. He just has to do Dwight Howard things and he’ll be fine.

  • Hez

    Dre day 😂😅

  • Nickkky Ss
    Nickkky Ss

    Drummond better then Rasheed Wallace??! Shannon stop this!!!!!

  • TitleTight King
    TitleTight King

    Shannon .... Andre is not on the same hemisphere as Sheed Wallace lethal from anywhere on the court and plays defense. Drummond is good though.

  • JS2 Bro
    JS2 Bro

    Shannon gona come up with some lame a$$ excuse next show haha and thats a FACT!

  • Musa Azakar
    Musa Azakar

    My Toe My Toe.....

  • Ards scification
    Ards scification

    1.4 PPG Skip

  • Immanuel

    Skip - "who wouldn't do this?" anyone who isn't trying to reach so far into the heavens looool

  • 김다희

    The wonderful sarah electrophysiologically remain because female shortly bow per a soft cocktail. obnoxious, obsequious toast

  • Bruh

    Lebron will make Andre Drummond better just wait.

    • Deezel Kane
      Deezel Kane

      The way he made bosh and love better. ?? Lmao stop..

  • jan279

    One of the rare times I actually agree with Skip more than Shannon. lol

  • FP4

    Kuzma better watch out for Drummond 😏

  • Percell Gray
    Percell Gray

    Looks like Skip was right

  • Enrique H.
    Enrique H.

    Lmaooo skip is mad 🤣🤣🤣 hater

  • Peter

    They trying to make him fall in love with playing in LA so they can resign him cheap. He is still young and AD does not like playing the 5.

  • dee see
    dee see

    Dam my dog Shannon has lost his mind Andre ain’t better then Wallace

    • NoLimit Kha
      NoLimit Kha


  • Andre Berry
    Andre Berry

    Sometimes you look at skip and think he’s on drugs 😂

  • sivervipa

    The answer is yes...Giannis shut him down so everyone would be talking about him.

  • RaulVivas11

    drummond went 4/1/2 against the bucks LMAO

    • Deezel Kane
      Deezel Kane

      And four fouls in 13 minutes 🤦‍♂️

    • NoLimit Kha
      NoLimit Kha


  • MM MM
    MM MM

    Drummond got a toe injury lol skip gonna go off lol

  • william alderman
    william alderman

    SUUUUUUUUUUUM! Of YOU PEOPLE! Don't UNDERSTAND! Shen SKIUP! says SO!! LLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zackeriah

    Drummond Toe injury first game with the Lakers😆🤣🥴

  • Anthony Avila
    Anthony Avila


  • Sonny Lim
    Sonny Lim


  • Henry Hicks
    Henry Hicks

    Andre Drummond Is On The Injured Reserve List. Wow!

  • Henry Hicks
    Henry Hicks

    Love You Uncle Shannon, But Drummond Couldn't Carry Rasheed Wallace's Luggage. On An Off Day! Peace

  • Carl The One
    Carl The One

    Shannon: Andre Drummond is better than Sheed And people call Skip the crazy one.

  • Alex Forst
    Alex Forst

    I'm not even that big a basketball fan but Skip's right Shannon has his purple and gold tinted glasses on again

  • AdrenalineUnlimited

    I'm outraged that he just compared Drummond to the great Rasheed Wallace.

  • E Z
    E Z

    Andre does everything he’s supposed to and more. Who else is averaging rebounds at the rate this man is, plays defense, can score in that post and is slowly improving his free throws

  • Ej Jackson
    Ej Jackson

    Idk about Drummond being better then Rasheed Wallace Unc. You trippin on that one!!!

  • Will Mcknight
    Will Mcknight

    Drummond better beat them drums!!!!

  • C.j. Olton
    C.j. Olton

    IG: olton_maroon

  • lito dat
    lito dat

    When did Kareem win 3 mvps in 3 different locations ? He only played for the bucks and lakers what Shannon talking bout lmao

  • Real React
    Real React

    Drummond better than Rasheed Wallace??🤣🤣 Shay shay tripping

  • Peter Prather
    Peter Prather

    Skip &Shannon Peanut Butter & jelly And Funny, So Funny'

  • Allen Fepuleai
    Allen Fepuleai

    Drummond just needs to get reb and block and we good. Simple

  • climax050

    “He has stepped into something he cannot fathom” Yeah that’s true. His stepped into a winning situation.

  • Charles Wilson
    Charles Wilson

    The fact that once again Shannon places his bets on a guy in his twilight years of BBall shows he truly know very little about the game....Skip just keeps getting fed lol...Skip has that smirk basically saying “Shannon stop because I’m gonna destroy you”

  • Kalambre One
    Kalambre One

    Lmfao Shannon's chuckle hahahaha

  • Jaymes Martin
    Jaymes Martin

    Skip always reaching