Skip Bayless vehemently defends Kawhi's Clippers after upset loss to Magic | NBA | UNDISPUTED
The Orlando Magic beat the Los Angeles Clippers 103-96 last night to snap LA’s 6-game winning streak. For the Clippers, it was a familiar story, as the team squandered a lead in the 4th quarter and let Orlando go on a 17-to-3 run to close the game. However, LA can point to its depleted lineup as an excuse yet again, as they played without Paul George, Patrick Beverley, Marcus Morris, or the newly acquired Rajon Rondo. Hear what Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe have to say about the Clippers' loss.
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UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
Skip Bayless vehemently defends Kawhi's Clippers after upset loss to Magic | NBA | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

  • Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    What did you think about the Clippers' loss to the Magic?


      @Jack Morgan what does that mean?

    • Urbain Delva
      Urbain Delva

      @Ade ToVAR Henchman How do you have a son you are clearly the child?

    • Casa Franca
      Casa Franca

      @Ade ToVAR Henchman Tainted love

    • Casa Franca
      Casa Franca

      @Argus Eyed I am just saying they got embarrassed down low last year and can't rely on perimeter play to win chips. 8 players against the Magic is not bad if you are title contenders. I am sure if it were Lakers, there would be 15 on the bench. Anyways, Clippers superstars had too many serious injuries. Good luck slippers

  • chase graham
    chase graham

    Dr froyd Phil and Dre 😂

  • Bryan Gallagher
    Bryan Gallagher

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  • Timothy Onime
    Timothy Onime

    Orlando's best player is injured for the season. 2nd best is in Chicago. 3rd best is in Denver. 4th best is in Boston. 5th best: injured. 6th best: injured.

    • Harvey Turnbull
      Harvey Turnbull

      Vooch is probably better than Isaac

  • James Frampton
    James Frampton

    I hope the clippers play mavs and Portland can have the jazz... Lakers in 5 or 6 no matter who

  • Wugboy

    Always an EXCUSE

  • Mark Lap
    Mark Lap

    SHAY didn't have to roast him like that lol

  • Corey Webster
    Corey Webster

    I love Shannon laughing at skip

  • sirsaracenknight

    A healthy LeBron, KD, James Harden, or even Joel Embid would have been enough to beat the Orlando Magic after they traded away their stars. They have NOBODY and Kawhi couldn't get it done

  • Chidiebere Ndukwu
    Chidiebere Ndukwu

    "I blame Doc Rivers" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Antonio Tucker
    Antonio Tucker

    Clippers still have problems at the point guard position they need rajon rondo to get on the basketball court as fast as possible if he doesn't play their championship hopes are over the team is unorganized and when they play top teams which the Orlando magic wasn't they can't beat them they got rid of Lou Williams and I feel like that wasn't the problem the problem was they needed a couple of point guards a starting point guard and a backup point guard the guards that they have they don't work when things don't work in your car what do you have to do you have to change those parts! 🤔🏀😳💯

  • joseph pandini
    joseph pandini

    Blamed doc and now he’s in first 🤭

  • Charles Cumberbatch
    Charles Cumberbatch

    When skip says it's my turn ... suddenly I stopped watching the video.

  • Shamil Franklin
    Shamil Franklin

    Oh it's a Tuesday night game.. down 4 starters excuse excuse excuse... but every laker game he criticizing lmao skip do you replay & listen to yourself lol

  • DoctorSleep

    Clippers lost to a tanking team..🤣

  • Manuel Malaguti
    Manuel Malaguti

    Shannon's face at 2:32😆

  • Rio Kyp
    Rio Kyp

    Skip is the king of excuses

  • Devin Coleman
    Devin Coleman

    Can I interest you in another blowin lead and I blame doc rivers lol

  • TWT Mogul
    TWT Mogul

    No disrespect but after shannon spoke I stop watching on this video there's no excuses skip can make for this loss at all

  • Paul Grant
    Paul Grant

    Skip talking a roll

  • Marvin Grant
    Marvin Grant

    The Clippers aren't that good as they look on paper. It's like driving a BMW with a Kia engine... looks good but when is time to perform under pressure 😆🤣😂😹

  • Emily Jackson
    Emily Jackson

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  • Junior Faamamafa
    Junior Faamamafa

    Why did they take zubac off🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • WatchMeCreate

    5 seconds into the video I couldn't stop laughing 😂

  • Aaron Johnson
    Aaron Johnson

    Skip said Dr Dre 😭😭😭😭

  • Turn Up The Volume
    Turn Up The Volume

    Clippers are not a team whatsoever, just a collection of a couple of super stars and sub-top players who do not have a clue about to play TOGETHER

  • King D
    King D

    So Skip, if your same logic applies to you, you are so scared of the Lakers winning the chip again, you are trying your best to search for any reason to complain about them; to belittle their title chances and whine about any little thing you can.

  • Alpha Mohamed Kebe
    Alpha Mohamed Kebe

    Isn't Skip the one threatened by Lebron

  • The Blue Gorilla
    The Blue Gorilla

    Skip is delusional 🤦‍♂️

  • Sensei J
    Sensei J

    skip the big capper 🧢

  • Cj Martinez
    Cj Martinez

    Calling Shannon pathetic for laughing is hilarious coming from a guy that has to mention LeBron everyday to stay relevant

  • Lien Cross
    Lien Cross

    The only reason Clippers will lose is because PG.

  • duncan pinderhughes
    duncan pinderhughes

    Shannon rubbing off on skip

  • Shifu Sage
    Shifu Sage

    Anyone want to explain how almost all of the superstars over the age of 28 are hurt all at the same time and with returns set to just before the playoffs???? This the mlb?

  • Shifu Sage
    Shifu Sage

    I can't believe in the clippers wit this type of shyt

  • MSU Spartans
    MSU Spartans

    Very disappointed at Shannon’s take on the Durant thing. Made me wanna puke taking Mikes side. That’s just 2 dudes have a beef with each other and cussing at each other. Imagine what type of a lot of things I can’t say Rappaport gotta be to do that. It’s simply 2 people angry and cussing at each other. I wish I can describe what Rappaport is for doing this. Of course they don’t paste this as one of the main videos cuz they know how pathetic it is. Both of them taking Rappaport side makes me wanna puke. And by the way Rappaport is everything KD said and a lot more

  • Kirk Morris
    Kirk Morris

    Why didnt u shannon break down the lakers loss to the bucks

  • Kirk Morris
    Kirk Morris

    Shannon we dont listen to u ur emotional about the lakers.ur lakers are mothing u making noise

  • West Coast
    West Coast

    Who really takes shannon serious

  • mellowman1020

    Like this means anything. Regular season zzzzzzz

  • Felippe Barbosa
    Felippe Barbosa

    This persona that Skipe is doing is getting boring now. It's like watching a 8 year old speak. Please change it, I feel bad for Shanon

  • Doug Wafer
    Doug Wafer

    Skip over here acting nonchalant like the clippers didn’t get bounced in the second round last year

    • West Coast
      West Coast

      You stuck in the past 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • chill4me

    Skip face on the thumbnail 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Taeaofou Tuilaepa
    Taeaofou Tuilaepa

    Skip did watch da game..cause all those guys play last night only PG n Rando didn't play...Skip you gettin old n older 😆 😆

  • Versatile Wolf
    Versatile Wolf

    Shannon Sharpe is just the worst analyst ever.

  • chad miller
    chad miller

    It's funny cuz Skip uses all them stats when he talks about the mavs on why they're bad but there's not a problem when it comes to the clippers

  • Skinnii17

    How does skip defend these guys lmao clippers are so overrated

  • Chino Brown
    Chino Brown

    Everyone overreacting just like how they do with davis and kuzma and now drummond And by saying james is the goat and best of all time 30. labron james

  • The S-MAN
    The S-MAN

    Advice to Skip: if you look for the excuse, you will always find it. SMH. Joker lol

  • Dysfunctional

    ThE CuLtUrE oF ChOkInG 0:38

  • Nate 13
    Nate 13

    Shannon needs his own late night talk show like if u agree

  • Nate 13
    Nate 13

    Lmao I love Shannon bro he kills me😂

  • kosmique

    shannon is so hilarious. best person on tv

  • kosmique

    2:17 i laughed so hard , shannon a fool LOL

  • SA 826
    SA 826

    Clips losin to the magic was weak. They are inconsistent, but they were on a 6 win streak against good teams before that. So that ain’t that bad

  • The Wandering Traveler
    The Wandering Traveler

    So according to skip if the clippers had won the chip with rondo in the bubble, would it had been considered a worthless bubble title?

  • Joel McCall
    Joel McCall

    Come on skip he wouldn't give LeBron a pass on a team that he lost to that he should have beaten. Skip his too face when it comes to certain players and teams.

  • Calikidsleep O
    Calikidsleep O

    Clippers will never win a ring

  • Armani

    Skip you are sixty-nine years old and for the life of me would you plz tell me why you and your white cohorts keep calling black athletes “KIDS “ they are young men , there are no kids playing professional sports in America. If you think a young man six feet six ins. Two hundred fifty pounds is a kid have spend a night with your girlfriend and I guarantee with a smile on her face she will tell you he ain’t no kid.

  • Dariel Lopez
    Dariel Lopez

    Bro the clippers didn't even have half their team, they're tired.

  • GYAWI Movement
    GYAWI Movement

    The accidental south america continuously mate because random coincidingly bolt midst a awful centimeter. helpful, energetic rugby

  • Life Forms
    Life Forms

    Is Skip claiming the Clippers simply because LeBron is on the Lakers? Since when is Skip a fan of Kawhi's again? He's not salty about the Spurs thing anymore? I'm so confused.

  • Jermaine J
    Jermaine J

    I don't like the mental capacity of these Clippers, but I do like Rondo and Cousins together again. In the playoffs, the slower tempo will help.

  • Jermaine J
    Jermaine J

    Doc is a trash coach who got lucky in Boston, but this loss is squarely on Kawhi and Clippers.

  • Andrew Bendickson
    Andrew Bendickson

    So good players aren’t allowed to lose to bad teams when most of the good players on the team are out and most of the players that are playing with them have bad efficiency. The only players with decent efficiency on that team were Kawhi and Zubac. The rest of the player were bad or played bad. It’s literally one regular season loss when a lot of key people are missing.

  • Allen H
    Allen H

    Magic the most injury riddled team of the entire season and he's making excuses for the clippers 😐

  • Sports Nation
    Sports Nation


  • Ninjachickenfingers

    Pandemic P gets me every time 😂

  • Lucas Lima
    Lucas Lima

    skip section in this video is just obscene. STRAIGHT UP DELUSIONAL

  • Casa Franca
    Casa Franca

    When you are relying on rondo and Beverly, you are in trouble

  • Maurice Taylor
    Maurice Taylor

    How is it a upset did the magic put the clippers out the playoffs???

  • Rico Himself
    Rico Himself

    Not skip with the dr. Line Shannon with the rebuttal 😂

  • Jinny So
    Jinny So

    Rondo. Nice. Last time Khawi had a pg (Lowry) to distribute the ball, he won a chip. 👍

  • Cameron. Lords child
    Cameron. Lords child

    Lol this show is Lakers/lebron vs clippers fan

  • Tom P
    Tom P

    U know wat I find funny? Let it would’ve been The Lakers playin skip would’ve found every excuse to why they didn’t win lmao the man Is really delusional

  • Craig Rand
    Craig Rand

    Skip: "They had nobody but 1 starter" Also Skip(Moments later): "The Clippers are the deepest team in the NBA" Skip: These Lakers game are meaningless when they lose, I dnt come in here boasting" Also Skip:(After a Lakers loss) "LeBron did this & that wrong, missed a free throw, missed a shot, shouldn't of took a shot, Should've took the shot etc."

  • Ish

    Skip acted Rondo is prime Magic Johnson

  • Hrvoje Mastelic
    Hrvoje Mastelic

    D House was missing as well and we know that's a crucial thing in the world of basketball.

  • Darius Brantley
    Darius Brantley

    Fool started off laughing 😭🤣🤣🤣 skip salty

  • Big Mac
    Big Mac

    🙋‍♂️I have a question is it still championship or bust?

  • 董阿奇

    Skip can't win by Unc.Shanne in arguments, he always cornered....😂😂

  • Lemroyal James
    Lemroyal James

    I'm confuse. Spurs, Clippers, Nets. Skip a bandwagon jumper .


    Both Clippers and lakers lost but I would say Clippers lost is a worse. Lakers are without both their stars and Clippers have at least Kawhi. Magic are the 2nd to worst team in the East so that was a horrible lost for the Clippers. Lakers lost to bucks is understandable. Clippers got to do better!

  • Türk Evladı
    Türk Evladı

    2:17 😂😂😂😂

  • sghound


  • Lungelo Baba
    Lungelo Baba

    Imagine boondocks huey and riley going to stay with uncle shay😂😂😂😂

  • 이희종

    The enchanted ferry conspicuously level because calendar univariably encourage till a magenta step-brother. literate, taboo apparel

  • Sharon Brown
    Sharon Brown

    Shannon!!! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Precious Hernandez
    Precious Hernandez

    The Nuggets is more likely to win the WCF than the Clippers 😆 So I enjoy Skip glorifying and making excuses for "HIS" Clippers.

  • A J
    A J

    So NOW y'all wanna talk about the Clippers? When they finally lose a game? Lol. Keep hating Clippers > Lakers.

  • Aston Rude
    Aston Rude

    Trolling my arse this guy is a petulant child .

  • Allen Analog
    Allen Analog


  • Erik B
    Erik B

    Rondo needed AD and Bron to win PG and Kawhi aren’t as good. I doubt either team makes it to the Finals.

  • Splash

    It never surprises me how much Skip Bayless is a clown!

  • Mark Hunter
    Mark Hunter

    Clippers needed Dr. Heimlich...

  • IOK vids
    IOK vids

    2:17 lol 😂😂😂

  • DFTA (Don't Feed The Animals)
    DFTA (Don't Feed The Animals)

    I don't understand who likes this show. It just seems childish on both sides. Is this entertaining to some?

  • Edwin Lim
    Edwin Lim

    Love the debates.... Skip and Shannon ... Funniest combo

  • cousinalex85

    Shannon would be gobbling PG and kawhi balls if they where on the lakers. So pls stop with trash takes Shannon

    • The Real Donald Trump
      The Real Donald Trump

      Mavericks > Lakers > Nuggets > Jazz > Clippers.

  • MM MM
    MM MM