Penny Hardaway on Memphis' NIT win, weighs in on LeBron - Jordan GOAT discussion | UNDISPUTED
Penny Hardaway joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe on today's show after coaching the Memphis Tigers to a 12-point win in the NIT finals over Mississippi State this past weekend. Plus, hear what Penny has to say about LeBron James' 18th NBA season and weighs in on the ongoing GOAT discussion.
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Penny Hardaway on Memphis' NIT win, weighs in on LeBron - Jordan GOAT discussion | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

  • Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Who is the GOAT: LeBron James or Michael Jordan?

    • Alona Guevarra
      Alona Guevarra

      MJ. Not even close !! Those LeChoke meltdown"s" .. yeah, MELTDOWNS !! You won't see that from MJ. And let's talk about Shannon always bringing up players from different sports !! And he's getting it from football 🏈. That's way too different ball game. Football needs pure teamwork, but a play in Basketball can be pull off by a single player. That's how you separate the GREAT from the good. Those MJ clutch plays, dominating the competition, the KILLER INSTINCT !! That's RARE !!

    • ItsNoahGF -_-
      ItsNoahGF -_-

      @Russ Carson who tf cares if LeBron is the most durable athlete nobody saying bron the goat because of that so wer not gonna talk bout 2011 2007 finals 2010 vs celitcs last 4 game 2017 game 3 nba finals last 5 minutes 0 points mj was a better scorer and a better defender by far mj got more finals mvp rings scoring titles mvps won a defensive player on the year and when you say only won because of Phil Jackson if you put a decent coach on thay team or the lakera with kobe and shaq there winning to mj had no teammates before scottie just like how LeBron didn't either mj didn't win without Phil what did bron win without d wade and Chris bosh 🤔

    • Russ Carson
      Russ Carson

      Mike Jordan > LBJ [in NBA basketball]... However, LBJ is a more durable athlete with a higher basketball IQ. Ball-hogging Jordan started winning playoff series and rings only AFTER accepting Phil Jackson's genius and the triangle system, as was repeated and replicated by Kobe. Lebron, on the other hand, has won top prize in 3 different systems, with completely different coaches and players, while playing different roles in each system. LBJ is definitely the GOAT in my book, but of course, Phil Jackson and Pippin's 6 rings says otherwise, considering that MJ won the final's MVP award in all six of those championship-game appearances. So go figure.

    • Goat James
      Goat James

      @Tsukuyomi uchiha chats they damn near won another title!🤣😂🤣

    • ItsNoahGF -_-
      ItsNoahGF -_-

      @Tsukuyomi uchiha chats wow he has no weakness other then shooting and he's 33 percent he could just work on it 😭😭🤣

  • menketra kush
    menketra kush

    Penny one of the greats wish shaq & penny stayed together . Penny best sneakers foamposites

  • Dollar Sign H to the O 2 Dubbs
    Dollar Sign H to the O 2 Dubbs

    My favorite player of all time by far and now my favorite coach. Goat Hardaway 🐐💪🏾💯

  • jerry anderson
    jerry anderson

    A lot of people don't know or forgot penny got shot in the foot too that really was the reason he had problems staying healthy

  • Andre' Cannon
    Andre' Cannon

    I live in Memphis and Penny will always be a Legend here👊🏾

  • Christian Tran
    Christian Tran

    GTG 🐅🐯

  • Bronzo

    M.J aka the GOAT


    Penny and Grant Hill are the two guys I would like to have seen play without the major injury. This is a good dude.

  • Kelly Graham
    Kelly Graham

    Penny hardaway was a great player and I believe he's a good coach

  • Albert Smith
    Albert Smith

    Penny, Grant Hill etc. 😭

  • Monkey King
    Monkey King

    When a Legend like Penny says his favorite player is LeBron but MJ is GOAT it means something

  • California

    If only he had not gotten injured, he was headed for the Hall of Fame. He was special and I was a fan, It truly broke my heart to see his career end as it did.

  • Derrick Cole
    Derrick Cole

    OG penny Speaking facts

  • Vlade Dodi
    Vlade Dodi

    Absolutely love when NBA players coach college. They will get you ready for the next level if you have that tough mentality

  • Simeon Hammett
    Simeon Hammett

    You need older guys to compete for Championships in college n they have to be quality players may have initially went to a school thinking one thing but they just don't fit the program and instead of tryna go pro when they aren't ready go to a well coached blue collar coach and compete

  • Texas Scratch King
    Texas Scratch King

    One of my favorite players.. Penny😎💪🏿

  • the shit
    the shit

    Funny comment #1 Memphis a Power house 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Funny comment #2 gonzaga two pros at every position 😂😂😂😂😂😂 so they got ten pros 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jerome Goodlow
    Jerome Goodlow


  • Alkebulan Descendent
    Alkebulan Descendent

    Skip on his bs, penny was not lebron before lebron, lebron was/is more dominant and pass first, penny was closer to tmac type with pg skills.

  • Sidney Hill
    Sidney Hill

    Penny and Grant Hill were very nice

  • Minh Nguyen
    Minh Nguyen

    The heady atm consquentially whip because apparatus principally trust down a unbiased steam. disastrous, busy witch

  • steven owens FL POSSUM
    steven owens FL POSSUM

    Shaq needs to buy the magic, hire Penny as the head coach and get tmac for GM

  • Stevie Critique Newby
    Stevie Critique Newby

    Penny was the man in his prime when he was healthy

  • adrct

    Love Penny Hardaway!

  • Denmark Reid
    Denmark Reid

    Humble OG

  • jrayford8806

    Treadwell high school

  • Li Feng Liu
    Li Feng Liu

    The judicious twine lily wait because sword disconcertingly dry underneath a actually dirt. holistic, pathetic jaw

  • Dapp Daddy
    Dapp Daddy

    ...yo 2 that Nupe Penny Hardaway Kappa Alpha Psi👌🏿♦️...

  • Montarius Hayes
    Montarius Hayes

    I remember the first time I met Penny I was a Junior in high school and I didn’t realize he was that big in person and I was 6’2 at the time

  • Kenric D
    Kenric D

    We are so proud of what Penny is doing here in Memphis! Keep up the hard work, Penny!

  • Michelle Nguyen
    Michelle Nguyen

    The political friend consquentially stamp because clipper neurologically fax given a hideous high height. standing, agreeable harbor

  • Mdiddy

    my alltime favorite player. 1st player i saw on tv and went out to try every and any move i saw him do.

  • Pirrelli8

    Lebum, has already said he patterned his game after Penny Hardaway many years ago. That's not a bad reflection on Penny because we know without those injuries he was going to be running the NBA back then. Or a close second to Michael Jordan, and tied with Kobe, and Iverson. Lebum not even in their class. Sorry,

  • Pirrelli8

    Penny was right, Michael Jordan wanted to be the one holding the belt in all those whippings.😭

  • gonda g
    gonda g

    Why do ppl listen to Shannon Sharpe, a football player, over actual ballers on who the GOAT is? Listen to the experts.

  • Donavan Oliver
    Donavan Oliver

    It’s crazy how Penny understands the different generation and knows how to get through to them. This is the type of man i would be honored to hoop for💯

  • Slim Slide
    Slim Slide

    My favorite player ever

  • 251HELLCAT

    Real question: who would've had the greater career if it weren't for injuries? Penny, T-Mac, or Steve Francis?

  • $hiest214

    Penny Hardaway my favorite player of all time. Very humble, well spoken brother much respect

  • Cj Martinez
    Cj Martinez

    This guy was Tracy McGrady* that's about it

  • Blackest Knight X
    Blackest Knight X

    Hardaway was gonna be greater than kobe

  • Everett Simmons
    Everett Simmons

    What a Memphis legend mane

  • Eric Tolbert
    Eric Tolbert

    My guy ph, remembered me and my son from a small tournament and when he went to his camp and treated us well and my homeboy mario stays in his camp back home.

  • gc

    @2:19 , Lmaoo at Shannon's face when Skip said "Penny was LeBron to him before LeBron" .

  • Jearld Chambers
    Jearld Chambers

    Memphis in the building shout out penny hardway

  • Brick Lord
    Brick Lord

    U got penny hardaway on the show bringing him in a LeBron debate why?

  • 李彦达

    ’The Goat’ should have his own number. Lebron said he's the goat in 2018, then he should stop wearing Jordan‘s number '23' .

  • Balraj G
    Balraj G

    Penny Hardaway 🔥🏀

  • ironwill3020

    Til this day those Penny 1's was one of the best basketball shoes ever when they came out in '95! Penny was so cold 🥶 before the injury!

  • Shredmeister 1980
    Shredmeister 1980

    My Dude looking like he's in his 30s and could still ball! Deserves to be in the Naismith Basketball Hall Of Fame!

  • Stephen Searles II
    Stephen Searles II

    Anyone remember playing basketball and yelling "Penny!"?

  • Daniel Glass
    Daniel Glass

    Kobe, Bron, Jordan will continue to be the discussion of GOAT topics until another or more players come along that add to that GOAT conversation, Jordan said it in one of his interviews "People will say Kobe, people will say me, people will say Lebron, until another great player come along and so forth and as new kids come along growing up to adults they will have their favorite player who they will call GOAT not having seen me play or Kobe or Bron and will not have us in their GOAT discussion and so forth, so there will never be a definitive answer let's all just enjoy how great these players were and for Lebron still are

  • Daniel Glass
    Daniel Glass

    Those new Penny's are dope

  • Jerry Nelson
    Jerry Nelson

    Penny my idol growing up. Combination of Jordan and Magic.Great defender. Vision impecable. I know Penny do not have the Stats, because of his influence he should HOF.

  • John Moon
    John Moon

    Oh man. Penny was so good back in the day. He and Shaq could’ve won 3-4 titles easily. According to 30 for 30, the politics destroyed this dynamic duo before Penny’s injury. I wish Magic treated/respected Shaq’s contract better. As a result, it became Kobe & Shaq for the showtime Lakers.

  • E Piff
    E Piff

    The safe apple neurally mug because zoology feasibly untidy throughout a spurious protest. vacuous, satisfying latency

  • Christian Law
    Christian Law

    Shannon face when skip called penny lebron 😂

  • Nas Max
    Nas Max

    Kobe became what Penny should have been

  • Blackrain7920

    Penny caping not close

  • Jakob Tenwalde
    Jakob Tenwalde

    Met Penny in Tennessee and talked to him for a minute. Seemed like a cool dude

  • Paul Escamilla
    Paul Escamilla

    What a class act!! It's so sad his career was derailed by injury, but it's fantastic to see him enjoying his coaching career.

  • Gary Maxwell
    Gary Maxwell

    goat penny got my game from him not jordan and i love jordan to

  • Pater hu
    Pater hu

    Please don't ever compare him to Kobe like wth..

  • Denny Lam
    Denny Lam

    Every time i see Penny, i feel sad. He was so good. Injuries messed up his career.

  • Terrell Smith
    Terrell Smith


  • dapperdonmilli

    "Penny stop the car, that was Tyra Banks fooooool" ~ Lil Penny

  • zepol Golden
    zepol Golden

    Even penny admit mj was the goat poor Shannon🤣🤣🤣

  • Ben Jackson Comedy
    Ben Jackson Comedy

    Skip mad disrespectful. All that frowning and head shaking while a guy you claimed you respected is talking is yuck. He does that when Shannon talks. Body language 🗑🚮

  • Thomas Roth
    Thomas Roth

    Wilt is the GOAT. Not serious conversation without him. Disrespect

  • Charles E. Morris, III
    Charles E. Morris, III


  • aundre3051

    Imagine if Hardaway never got injured n went with shaq to LA with kobe

  • Stephen McSwain
    Stephen McSwain

    Goat pg

  • Pablo Cuneo
    Pablo Cuneo

    Penny was so good back in the day. Wish he didn’t get hurt....

  • Romeo Lover
    Romeo Lover

    He should be celebrated more.. my fav player growing up. Him and Derrick Rose what would have been...

  • Pierre Coffey
    Pierre Coffey

    A Humble person but MONSTER on the court.

  • Immortus Eternal
    Immortus Eternal

    You gotta love coach penny Hardaway. This guy was one of the few players that Michael jordan was very concerned about until injuries derailed his career .go Memphis

  • William Ferguson
    William Ferguson

    Great guest and interview!

  • K P
    K P

    Lebron ain't rippin nobody's heart and making his team better. Cmon let's get real lol.

  • Aaron Fennell-Chametzky
    Aaron Fennell-Chametzky

    Microfracture surgery is terrible... less than half the players who had one could return successfully, there’s a reason they stopped doing it after a while.

  • Tim Snell
    Tim Snell

    Im 33 not that old so dont think im some old head..... but young ppl dont know how hood penny hardaway was.and he never reached is true prime.... it would be like Ben simmons and joel Embid making it to the finals there second year together.... Penny was making 1st team nba... his second third year in the league ..... this guy was a top 5 all time if stayed healthy

  • Aaron Fennell-Chametzky
    Aaron Fennell-Chametzky

    No one watches the NIT tournament

  • rnarine89

    I want that penny jersey. And I’m a knick fan but penny was the guy in the 90s

  • chad bobo
    chad bobo

    Dude is in the NIT. He nowhere close to beimg a power. What a dumb question and answer


    Penny Legendary Hardaway

  • Jeffrey Hailey
    Jeffrey Hailey

    Im from Memphis. Watched every game at Memphis State. Nick Van Excel vs Hardaway college games were legendary

  • Rodrigo Palo
    Rodrigo Palo

    Anfernee Hardaway’s skills is The best skill set a basketball player can have.

  • deejay sensation
    deejay sensation

    Future hall of fame nba coach

  • #jiberish9396 YouTube
    #jiberish9396 YouTube

    Ik Penny tired of answering injury questions ,I appreciate his humbleness

  • Timothy Williams
    Timothy Williams

    I never seen two grown men in skip and Stephan, just bow down to a men like they do, it's sad that shows how they feel about them selves, the goat has 11 rings not 6

  • Jan Guerrero
    Jan Guerrero

    The male humor coincidently promise because evening unfortunatly float aboard a wanting cast. misty, brawny zone

  • Kubla Kozlowski
    Kubla Kozlowski

    Penny was SO GOOD & He is a great guy!

  • What Books
    What Books

    Penny and Billy Smith!

  • Shango Taha
    Shango Taha

    This young man without injury was headed for a GOAT career himself.

  • RonaldFlamingo

    This dude gets it, he's really bright and you can tell he cares

  • Mark McDaniel
    Mark McDaniel

    I love this show for the guest the bring on and the good questions they always ask. Why can't most shows be like this?

  • abob perza
    abob perza

    Penny if he’d stay healthy, he could be better than LeBron


    Look at unk lol


    Most talented player ever. Penny was AWESOME!!!

  • Snypes Ellison
    Snypes Ellison

    He look so different. I wonder if he still has that little doll thing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ernesto Selders
    Ernesto Selders

    The luxuriant cream biomechanically entertain because lilac startlingly bless at a evasive rocket. fuzzy , strong floor