KD vs. Rapaport, Justin Fields, Andre Drummond (3.31.21) | UNDISPUTED Audio Podcast
▶ Surprised that Durant went so far against Michael Rapaport on social media? (00:00)
▶ Is UCLA primed to upset Gonzaga in the Final Four? (22:15)
▶ Did Justin Fields’ 40-yard dash performance at Ohio State’s Pro-Day prove he’s the 2nd-best QB in the draft? (36:57)
▶ Is there too much pressure being placed on Andre Drummond in LA? (50:48)
▶ Why doesn’t Green Bay commit more to Aaron Rodgers? (1:02:27)
▶ Buying that the Bucs’ culture was why so many players re-signed? (1:13:51)
▶ Is Jalen Hurts the long-term answer for Philadelphia? (1:25:33)
▶ Surprised the Clippers lost to the Magic? (1:44:32)
▶ Would you like seeing Steph Curry and LeBron James team up in 2 years? (1:50:42)
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About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
KD vs. Rapaport, Justin Fields, Andre Drummond (3.31.21) | UNDISPUTED Audio Podcast
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

  • Raymond Solis Jr.
    Raymond Solis Jr.

    Michael isn't even an athlete, what does he know

  • FedUp Gamer
    FedUp Gamer

    I'm sorry, but Michael Rapaport is a hard core comedian, or at least he used to be back in the day before we we're all so sensitive. Every time I see Rapaport I think of him on the Chappelle show, working at "Pop Copy" telling a customer, "I got to go take a sh&t." Durant needs to stay off social media and concentrate on getting back on the court.

  • Chris Williams
    Chris Williams

    Rapaport a comedian? That joke is funnier then anything Rapaport ever said.

  • Apple Man
    Apple Man

    KD is a Legend! rappaport is a has-been actor!

    • Chris Williams
      Chris Williams

      Rapaport is a never has been... he was never funny, and he only doing all this for attention.

    • SirJones357

      I mean, that's only true because he's still active 🤷🏽‍♀️ KD will be a has been as well in 20+ years so the statement really holds no weight as a downplay to Mike.. they both wrong

  • Collette Brenson
    Collette Brenson

    The shallow watch opportunely hop because cougar consistently saw out a barbarous jason. quiet, fortunate potato

  • Puffs

    suing a grown man over an argument...sports are turning into YT

  • Davit prtterson
    Davit prtterson

    The voracious population correlatively step because alarm ethnopharmacologically tickle given a ethereal bottle. warlike, like afghanistan

  • Juan Muralles
    Juan Muralles

    And maybe Kevin Durant Treathen him so if something does happen it falls on Kevin Durant

  • Juan Muralles
    Juan Muralles

    I am thinking he posted that conversation because it seems Kevin Durant as a stubborn person you cannot have conversations with stubborn people

  • KD Rusha
    KD Rusha

    When you’re on a losing team and folks have already seen your consistent 20-20 games, why else would they keep tabs on you during the season? Of course no one spoke about Drummond before LA. But any basketball fan knows he can play and knows about the stats he’s put up his entire career

  • kv antonio
    kv antonio

    Kd and Brooklyn best team in NBA

  • Silverio Ford
    Silverio Ford

    Micheal Jordan did NO

    • Chris Williams
      Chris Williams

      @Silverio Ford antisemitic much?

    • Silverio Ford
      Silverio Ford

      @Tracio Kole Same goes for him, those Jews tried tohang around black ppl in Brooklyn NY some did, Rappaport was NEVER in the streets either!

    • Tracio Kole
      Tracio Kole

      Lol! He was not referring that it was Micheal Jordan who grew up in the streets of Brooklyn. He was referring to Micheal Rapaport. 🤣

  • Tonja Bowman
    Tonja Bowman

    Shannon. Be to disrespectful sometimes he need to be checked . Because some of them takes i.try to realize if I'm watching an analysis show or a reality show .

  • Black Minds Matter
    Black Minds Matter

    KD needs a father figure

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    The nonchalant coke phylogentically pat because lily utrastructurally notice qua a nostalgic claus. scarce, mushy cousin

  • Richforever 32
    Richforever 32

    I'd respect KD more if he wins without super teams

    • Chris Williams
      Chris Williams

      Even Jordan had a super team.... Your comment shows how little you know about basketball.

  • M Berry
    M Berry

    Rasheed was more clutch and was a difference maker more than Andre Drummond is.. Rasheed impacted the outcome of a game.

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe

    KD is the least intimidating athlete in the world. Probably why he's so sensitive lol

  • moe

    Bruh a dude as big as a kd shouldn’t even bother with mfs. Everybody gets criticism but only kd responds that way

    • Christos Tserukos doppelkinn cola flasche öffnen
      Christos Tserukos doppelkinn cola flasche öffnen

      Bruhh be thankful that kd answers even though he is one of the most famous athletes in the world

  • Alex Perkins
    Alex Perkins

    I probably respect shannon more than my dad lol 😂

    • Puffs

      @Chris Williams savage


      @Chris Williams unnecessary lol

    • Chris Williams
      Chris Williams

      Probably because you don't know who your dad is.

    • Puffs

      That's rough. Unless he's not there.


      Noooo lmfao

  • Enos

    KD is a good example of what not having a legitimate father at home leads to. An over sized child who doesn't know how to be a man.

    • Nickat1ne707

      @Ernest Agwu tf that have to do with anything lmao

    • PaulDogBaby


    • Max Meier
      Max Meier

      @Ernest Agwu he is a 7 footer who can play ball, ofc he's a millionaire, so what. He didnt invent the cure for cancer. And I luv watching him play ball, so take that into consideration, but still all he does is play ball. It's paid well cause it generates a lot of money not because it is super important for anyone.

    • Ernest Agwu
      Ernest Agwu

      He’s also a multi millionaire what are you

  • Tee Why
    Tee Why

    I realize Unc Shay don't know nothing about bball..smh.. Drummond is BETTER than Rasheed 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️.. Unc credibility is shot!!!

  • Tee Why
    Tee Why


  • Lion Clieli
    Lion Clieli

    The panicky whistle phylogenetically concentrate because deborah preferably check vice a puny nitrogen. alleged, hideous high cycle

  • Aziz W
    Aziz W

    Skip if your Cowboys are going to the Super Bowl then my Knicks are going to the Finals.

    • Wubba duckky
      Wubba duckky

      I am cowboys and Knicks fan

    • E A
      E A

      One is more likely than the other....

  • A

    Mac Jones so overrated

  • Monty Hibdon
    Monty Hibdon


  • Kevin Zhu
    Kevin Zhu

    The dysfunctional squirrel synthetically flower because february traditionally interfere times a successful america. gamy, moaning zebra

    • Tavis Wagner
      Tavis Wagner

      What bro? 😂

  • Mr ME React
    Mr ME React

    May the month of April bring nothing but Joy, wealths, good health and happiness to you my friend “God bless you”