If Clippers are 'Rondo's team,' the leadership is worse than we thought - Shannon | NBA | UNDISPUTED
Rajon Rondo’s Los Angeles Clippers debut resulted in an 18-point win over the Los Angeles Lakers. Despite only playing 13 minutes, the point guard still drew high praise from Paul George. After the game, George said quote, 'it’s never been a situation where it’s my team or Kawhi Leonard feels it’s his team. We’re in this together and to build something together. We’re here to win together. So same thing goes with Rondo. This team is his.' Hear what Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe have to say about Paul George's comments.
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About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
If Clippers are 'Rondo's team,' the leadership is worse than we thought - Shannon | NBA | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

  • Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Will Rajon Rondo’s veteran leadership take the Clippers to the championship?

    • Dy A
      Dy A

      @Isiah Spencer You better do now...so I can help straighten your thought process....bring it on...😁😁

    • Axl Kb
      Axl Kb

      Nah because he’s not motivate Playing with the bandwagon Big difference from purple and gold..

    • Shaun Phillips
      Shaun Phillips

      @Dy A u can say the same about the majority of all players tho if that's ur point. Some players need more help than others, however it's hard to win championships in professional sports. This culture of oh let's team up with the NBA'S best players & win is lame af & because u win, that doesn't make u the greatest

    • Dy A
      Dy A

      @Shaun Phillips Exactly my point...so it was a function of playing with top players and the chemsitry and communication between players in Lakers.

    • Shaun Phillips
      Shaun Phillips

      @Dy A Rondo got to 1 last season with the LAL. However, I think what u missed is that Rondo hadn't played with HOF talent that LBJ has almost the entirety of his career & certainly not as much as LBJ has. That's the point. Rondo hasn't played with the deck stacked like LBJ

  • Mike Guyton
    Mike Guyton

    Clippers over Lakers this year Book it. And I got either the Celtics or Bucks coming out the east. Bucks have a great shot to win it all this year.

  • Mitchell Robbins
    Mitchell Robbins

    Shannon hit it on the head. Rondo was a great signing.

  • Cameron Lowrance
    Cameron Lowrance

    Skip is talking crazy rondo had two good performance in the playoffs last year so how did rondo save the Lakers who was who saved the Lakers was lebron James Anthony Davis what Shannon should have said who was the finals mvp that would have shutdown skip and lebron was two point away from leading for points in the playoffs so skip needs to shut up with his nonsense

  • Andrew Coolington
    Andrew Coolington

    We know what Rondo can do. Even Lebron James stated, R. Rondo is a savant, with the I.Q. of a basketball genius. Respect!!

  • Abhijai Singh
    Abhijai Singh

    It should be was and not is, Shannon was misquoted here. Funny how that changes everything

  • Don D
    Don D

    True that

  • Danielle Parra
    Danielle Parra

    I guess being objective doesn't get ratings

  • Heem Money
    Heem Money

    Honestly how has skip made it this far as a analysis his takes are straight trash how tf Rondo save The Lakers in 2 games🤦🏽‍♂️

  • marcus williams
    marcus williams

    People actin like Rhondo take every team to the playoffs or a championship lmao!!! IF he's even healthy enough to play, they'll be a 1st round out at best lol

  • JIA

    Rondo was the leader on the Lakers last year but Shannon will omit that

  • Eric Tolbert
    Eric Tolbert

    So they got rondo

  • empty

    Ummmm skip Clippers losing again dude

  • Jermaine J
    Jermaine J

    Wild how valuable Rondo was for the Lakers in the bubble, now he is just help. Hmmm.

  • Trae Fittz
    Trae Fittz

    Coaches need to be Leadership. Or they need to be.. the Clippers dont even have an Established Identity or Culture, which Lob City had even after with Lou, Beverly and Harrel. Kawhi and PG was a really Bad mix. BOTH of those guys need to Grow in their Roles as Leaders, especially Kawhi.

  • Richard Philbert
    Richard Philbert

    Everybody talking about PG in the comments but Kawhi is the guy whose supposed to be the leader of the team.

  • Joel Drew Walden [King, M. L. ES]
    Joel Drew Walden [King, M. L. ES]

    tHE ONLY WAY i WOULD RETURN AND START WATCHING THE nba IS IF : 1 aDAM sILVER IS FIRED 2 Michael Jordan becomes the commissioner 3 Minnesota gets back the name Lakers with the 5 rings . 4 LA remains purple and gold keeps 13 rings assumes the name KINGS 5) Sacramento would be renamed to the Embarcaderos . Which was the original name in 1850. Also 1st overall draft pick and 1st option on LBJs contract, since his contract expires after next year.

  • owen aquino
    owen aquino

    nuggets got gordon..🤣🤣🤣

  • jho oñate
    jho oñate

    Who was here skip shannon to say?

  • Sam Butcher
    Sam Butcher

    Kawhi is going to Miami or Dallas this off season

  • 96 Bread
    96 Bread

    Rondo got 2 rings with the 2 best nba teams of all time , 🐐 period

  • livingston morris
    livingston morris

    Skip going to get his heart hurt again you hatter

  • Catries Johnson
    Catries Johnson

    I agree with Shannon

  • Chet Brinkley
    Chet Brinkley

    I love Shannon’s new commercial for Hooked on Ebonics.

  • Alex Hines
    Alex Hines

    Rondo wast the low key leader for the Lakers last year!

  • Gabriel Dorta Hernández
    Gabriel Dorta Hernández

    Rondo is a great basketball mind, good pickup by the Clippers man. Lakers in 5.

  • Cedric Richardson Sr
    Cedric Richardson Sr

    Skip act like Rondo is going to play 40 min a game lmao

  • greatest ever
    greatest ever

    Dam rondo was a great leader the kind the lakers needed! Now it’s rondo is not a leader! Lmao 😂 my dude ain’t got that Steven A!

  • vicente sarabia
    vicente sarabia

    Why was Rondo so unhelpful in Dallas but solid every where else?

  • Telly's Honest Reviews
    Telly's Honest Reviews

    PG on Rondo trade : It's a BAD Trade.

  • BareAssGodzilla

    If Kawhi wanted a leader maybe he shouldnt have got so butthurt when a 4x nba champion team captain called him out for being non cooperative.

  • ultimate27

    Okay, George Paul. Whatever you say. (Rolling my eyes.)

  • ESSJ333

    Shannon just salty Clippers are better than Lakers

  • Carter Bilbro
    Carter Bilbro

    PG already deflecting blame

  • Dark Nate
    Dark Nate

    Lakers 29th in all categories since Bron went down just so you know 🤷🏿‍♂️.. Shannonnnnnnnnn

  • Zeko F
    Zeko F

    That was the shortest undisputed clip

  • John Atema Amalemba
    John Atema Amalemba

    Such a useless topic

  • Tai Weaver
    Tai Weaver

    Start pat bev for quick energy, let him pick up his two fouls and sit him the rest of the half

  • Vallejo PNW
    Vallejo PNW

    The fact PG13 said that shows what a follower he is lol

  • Modupe Oherein
    Modupe Oherein

    Skip Bayless is way off............... Shannon no better

  • Riss McIntosh
    Riss McIntosh

    I don't understand why kawhi can't step up and be a leader. You'll take the NBA's money but you don't want to be a leader? At this point don't compare him to LeBron

  • TheBFGHarrison

    Kawhi got about as much leadership qualities as Durant 😂

  • HidanVenom

    Are skip and the clippers working together🤣 cuz they both not making sense

  • Cris De Guzman
    Cris De Guzman

    Rondo can read the defense of opponent on game

  • brandon sanders
    brandon sanders

    Paul George lol. He’s not even a beta male, he’s a delta.

  • Grammar Police -
    Grammar Police -

    What does Shay shay mean that great skill and leadership are NOT mutually exlcluded? 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • DJ Salad
    DJ Salad

    Noshow P giving Rondo the no look pass of blame

  • Chris Sadler
    Chris Sadler

    Skip only cares about them beating LeBron. Then if it doesn’t happen he’ll root for who ever is left to beat the Lakers. All he wants is for LBJ to not get another ring.💯

  • John M
    John M

    Can’t stand George Paul.. he would be a bench player in any other era

  • Chosen Two
    Chosen Two

    lmaoo Paul George is forever a clown. Someone need to stop putting microphones in front of that man. Someone needs to protect him.

  • Frederick Futrell
    Frederick Futrell

    Why do skip keep saying he made every key shot and play that’s a huge lie he made a couple and skip trynna axe like or saved the lakers like they couldn’t win without him 😂😂😂

  • KPH Tv Official KONESANS.
    KPH Tv Official KONESANS.

    BREAKING NEWS: The Nets is trying to sign IRONMAN, THOR AND THANOS at the trade deadline. Sources Tell that they need more help and are interested in signing spiderman and hulk in the buyout market. According to ESPNever, Michal Jordan and Shaq are considering come off retirement to Join the Brooklyn Nets.

  • Ng Jeremy
    Ng Jeremy

    The disillusioned gram clinicopathologically paste because poet unsurprisingly object above a succinct suede. squealing, deserted sweatshop

  • Devon Dolphin
    Devon Dolphin

    Pg said the team is everyone teams no one man owns the team I cant believe this was spun into it being solely rondo's team wtf

  • Dan Lorenz
    Dan Lorenz

    Skip is the only person in the world who believes this much in the Clippers.

  • Gregory Emeagwara
    Gregory Emeagwara

    Kyrie Irving no leadership, but highly talented 💯🏀

  • Levi Hawkins
    Levi Hawkins

    I aint ganna write off the clippers but until they win they still the toe nail clippers homie LAbron Lakers all day err day

  • A.D.

    That look on Shannon's face when Skip said he'd in trouble 🤣🤣🤣

  • MariOOls

    Shannon will say anything to diss the Clippers. Even if it doesn’t make sense.

  • Lil N
    Lil N

    Undisputed is just lebron sexuals

  • Lil N
    Lil N

    I new aunt sha would make excuses clippers in 4 🥇

  • Marvin Cook
    Marvin Cook

    I really Disagree with This Skip Bayless Guy on Every thing he Says !!!!!

  • Marvin Cook
    Marvin Cook

    Thats Historic When U CAN'T Close A 3-1 lead

  • Peter paul Flores
    Peter paul Flores

    We never talk about rondo until he wins again a chip. According to the same people rondo is a liability last season. I think beverly talks a lot as well as well as harrel and williams but it is always in deaf ear because they are not a star of the team. I still believe that kawhi needs to get out of his shell and lead this team.

  • Madao

    Why didn’t they just hire rondo as a coach then

  • BJ Young
    BJ Young



    Shannon stay beating skip bayless

  • tomodomo1000

    Shannon is just afraid.

  • Koke Zilla
    Koke Zilla

    Not we got rondo and you don’t 😂

  • Vo Tuyet Loan
    Vo Tuyet Loan

    The silent weeder principally encourage because airport dentsply return towards a probable algeria. abject, mindless oboe

  • Jbaby Jones
    Jbaby Jones

    If they don’t win they going to put the blame on Rondo

  • Tev 901
    Tev 901

    What if rondo played with kobe and gasol ... 🏆 🏆 🏆

  • Sal Valestra
    Sal Valestra

    Never forget that Skip called Rondo _"forgettable"_ as the bubble began and now he's the supposed deathnail to the Lakers. Lol. 🤣

  • The Batman
    The Batman

    Shannon shut skip up when he said Lebron was 2 pts away from leading the playoffs in pts reb and ast 😂 3:08

  • Brownd Beanz
    Brownd Beanz

    This segment is the epitome of Undisputed. Loveee it.

  • The Concert Matrix
    The Concert Matrix

    You're delusional if you think the Flippers are better than Lakers, Denver or Utah

  • evan griffith
    evan griffith

    The hissing patricia preferably signal because value nutritionally sound a a romantic weeder. accurate, helpless cent

  • Lone $tar OMG
    Lone $tar OMG

    They still won’t make it to the Finals or even the WCF. L

  • Mano G.
    Mano G.

    Unc rondo was to a key player in the lakers win last season, without a doubt

    • Jomaw08

      Always easier to be good when you're playing with the goat.

  • Gerald Taylor
    Gerald Taylor

    Clippers going to the NBA finals this year fasho

  • romero grady
    romero grady

    Skip needs to prepare for the show, his preparations for the show is horrible ! Shannon actually do his homework, Skip just come on the show making ridiculous comments based on his hate for LJ.

  • Benn Daniel Vai
    Benn Daniel Vai

    Nets are winning this, end of story lol.

  • Antoine Wardlaw
    Antoine Wardlaw

    I didn’t think it had to be said bron damn near leading everyone in everything again but I forgot who we’re dealing with here 😂

  • Ayush Garg
    Ayush Garg

    I already know that this clippers lose this season what is skip would say is “oh rondo came in the clippers mid season and they didn’t even got a full season to play with each other or this his first year with clippers”

  • Steve_ M
    Steve_ M

    So it's 2021 and somehow rondo is a key ingredient to winning a championship now 🤔. I'm struggling with this one here

  • pretty sure
    pretty sure

    Lebron is the greatest athlete in all of sports ever.

  • Edgar Bolden
    Edgar Bolden

    As much I want the Lakers to win this year I don't believe this is there year to win it all

  • Mateus Rodrigues
    Mateus Rodrigues


  • Jane Calabro
    Jane Calabro

    The penitent sidecar optimally cause because fortnight micrencephaly bury behind a temporary sphynx. frequent, ossified ethiopia

  • Onyeil onyeil
    Onyeil onyeil

    Question, if it's reported that Kawhi isn't a good leader, then how did he win a championship in Toronto? Wait, is it also b/c of Lowry who played beta on d road dan @ home?

  • Elsa Tan
    Elsa Tan

    The worthless dugout promisingly happen because humidity particularly amuse underneath a cloudy latex. adamant, caring diamond

  • Lamar Lewis
    Lamar Lewis

    Damn Shannon is a hater

  • Gerard Ligonde
    Gerard Ligonde

    The fretful feather radiologically answer because aluminium histopathologically breathe out a aquatic body. lucky, overconfident duckling

  • sirsaracenknight

    I wonder what Skip's excuse will be when the Clippers get bounced in the first round by Luka 👀

    • sirsaracenknight

      @Diego Velazquez watch

    • Diego Velazquez
      Diego Velazquez


  • HugoBoss

    Shannon seems so nervous of Rondo... what does it means to Lakers... your guess is good as mine😳😬😰😱

  • SA 826
    SA 826

    Y’all think skip annoying? I think Shannon annoying asf

  • Vinz Mata
    Vinz Mata

    Shannon should wait how Rondo will orchestrate the Clippers game. Shannon is obviously afraid of what Rondo brings to the Clippers championship goals. Playoff Rondo is a nightmare for Shannon.

  • J Gil
    J Gil

    There is no leadership. Kawhi a cyborg.

  • MillionDolla _SSE
    MillionDolla _SSE


  • gym nation 3.0
    gym nation 3.0

    I Don't know about leadership and all.. But he is still averaging more rebounds, assists and steals and is a better 3 point shooter than lakers point guard.