I don't understand the 49ers paying a 'king's ransom' to move up to No.3 - Skip | NFL | UNDISPUTED
After the San Francisco 49ers traded up to the No.3 pick in the NFL Draft, head coach Kyle Shanahan admitted that quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo was quote 'a little pissed off.' He expects Jimmy G to play with a chip on his shoulder and explained 'it’s going to be hard to find a quarterback that gives us a better chance to win than Jimmy right now.' According to FOX Bet Sportsbook, Jimmy G is the favorite to start Week 1 for the 49ers. Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe discuss whether the 49ers are still committed to starting Jimmy G this year or not.
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I don't understand the 49ers paying a 'king's ransom' to move up to No.3 - Skip | NFL | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

  • Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Should Jimmy Garoppolo start Week 1 for the 49ers?

    • MacMuziTV

      Y'all should drop the entire visual show on IRbin. Why not? If watch it everyday rather than listen to the podcast.

    • myko freder
      myko freder

      No, unless he takes around $10M for 1 year, he will get close to that on the street so he should just start his post SF career early. They gave 3 1st picks for basically Mac Jones because they assume he can preform at the Jimmy level (who is no better or maybe worse than Cousins when he gets enough starts) quickly and they will never get another chance for someone like that. They are turning into Atlanta, who's coach just got fired, if they have many more of these top 10 draft pick seasons and have another chance at a top QB. Grossman and Goff and many others went to Super Bowls, it's meaningless in arguing so and so is a top 10 or 15 QB year after year, Jimmy has been a top 10 or 15 QB 1 year out of an 8 year career and he was not top half amongst playoff QB that year.

    • Shaun Hensley
      Shaun Hensley

      Jimmy should start all year.

    • Strong Trillion
      Strong Trillion

      No, They don't believe in him so trade him. Either in the off season or before the trade deadline.

    • stuckn dafield
      stuckn dafield

      yes we win with him he get injured start the rook


    They want fields

  • elijah Quest
    elijah Quest

    what if the 49ers traded the 3rd pick in 2021 for Oohhh Aaron Rodgers, thought?

  • c B
    c B

    My opinion I would trade Jimmy to Eagles, For Hurts & 2nd round pick... Draft a Stud wideout at number 12..

  • Plux AuAg
    Plux AuAg

    That would mean a possible Quarterback trio of Mac Jones, Mullins and Josh Rosen if Jimmy G is moved on.

  • Mosk8ers420

    anything that comes out of skips mouth about the 49ers is just BS, he hates them , CAUSE HES A COWGIRL...riding on jerrrys coat tails, till the day he dies...

  • Tj C
    Tj C

    It’s common knowledge that Jimmy G is injury prone, no one but the patriots would take him anyway. The patriots only wanted him coz he was developed in their system so there wouldn’t be a question of whether he would fit.

  • Tj C
    Tj C

    It would make no sense if that #3 is Mac Jones (based on the mock drafts) because he comes in a talentless package compared to the others. He’s going to have a good career but he’s not worth the price they traded for. If they believe in their ability to mould a QB successfully, they would have so much more success with one that is athletically gifted like the others. They could essentially wield a weapon with a superstar athletic QB, they’ve never attempted it before. Also Mac Jones is not going to be picked by anyone else so high in the draft. The hype solely was created from the chance that the niners would take him early.

  • Timothy Asdent
    Timothy Asdent

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  • Bateman X
    Bateman X

    Shannon sharp needs to stay out those paintball games, lol got lit up out there.

  • Timothy Duckworth
    Timothy Duckworth

    Shannon don't ever paint in a suit again. It's not a good look bro.

  • Joe Chill
    Joe Chill

    I believe all this SF:Mac Jones talk is more likely than not a smokescreen - for one since Lynch and Shanahn took reigns of the franchise the organization just doesn’t leak stuff like they did before, and they have intel or know a few teams that love Mac Jones and hyping him up to entice teams to be able to move back a spot or two and get some of that draft capital back and take either Fields or Lance, assuming the Jets take Zach Wilson, who I’m not sure is even worthy of a #2 overall pick. *_I would bet on the names you’ve been hearing since they were in high school: Trevor Lawerence and Justin Fields_*

  • THE1ONE2016

    49ers would be smart to take lance not fields

  • Derek Rombkowski
    Derek Rombkowski

    San Francisco might be about to go get harris from bama

  • Ryan

    Niners would be better off trading for Deshaun Watson.

  • biriani khabo
    biriani khabo

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  • Peter Marshall
    Peter Marshall

    Fields is the 2nd most pro ready but where will he go ? Start week 8 for SF and try to trade Jimmy for a 2nd...

  • ChawletMelk

    Pre controversy, idk why the 9ers didn't offer the house for Watson

    • Mr_Yaakem Mr_Yaakem
      Mr_Yaakem Mr_Yaakem

      Foreal we need him bad he's perfect for the niners 💯

  • Rutherford Hayes
    Rutherford Hayes

    Niners will trade Jimmy G and the 3rd for the 1st. Jags get Jimmy G and #3 QB.

  • chris beckford - tseu
    chris beckford - tseu

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  • TheBoomBoomBlast

    My man Skip comparing Dak to Manning. My god the delusion

    • Rutherford Hayes
      Rutherford Hayes

      Well, they're both very much over-rated.

  • trxp tub
    trxp tub

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  • Juan Carlos Fonjul
    Juan Carlos Fonjul

    G is made of Glass. Even the 4 games he couldn't get through. Talent, but brittle. Def not worth a 1st. Unless that 1st is nkeal harry.

  • James Ladley
    James Ladley

    Skip acts like the success of QB talent in the NFL follows the order of draft. So 1&2 spot has his blessings but he hammers Shanny for taking 3rd? Maybe Skip should just scout and rate player talent from now on 😂

    • Tj C
      Tj C

      there’s no guarantee who anyone is actually taking at any number tho. Maybe #1 is set in stone but #2 isn’t- which means Kyle’s decision is being controlled by the move that the Jets make. It’s still a big question so the niners are making a big gamble with #3 if they truly have their eyes set on a specific QB. #2 would have been perfect coz they’ll get exactly who they want bar Trevor Lawrence.

  • Mitchell Robbins
    Mitchell Robbins

    Shannon rocking that nebula suit.

  • Diamondstar James
    Diamondstar James

    Skip is stupid, first round picks don't mean nothing no more

  • Nobody Important
    Nobody Important

    Aaron Rogers and Patrick Mahomes sat and learned. That’s the best route. There’s a lot of pressure on 1st rd QBs. Let them relax and get through a training camp as a second string guy. The speed of the game can take soMe time for them to get used too. Good to sit on the sideline and watch it. Too many guys get thrown in and beat up then they lose it mentally. It’s like buying a Ferrari and then taking it off road when you first get it.

    • Tj C
      Tj C

      Kyle likes to develop his players so I am guessing he defo will get the rookie to sit back for a ywar

  • MRG

    Imagine if they draft Kyle Pitts instead of getting a Qb

    • Frank Pratt
      Frank Pratt

      That’s what I’m hoping for.

  • Nathan P
    Nathan P

    It's going to be funny when Trevor Lawrence is a bust and is like the 5th best qb of the draft

  • Sam Tobio
    Sam Tobio

    Because everyone going for a QB will potentially get cold feet picking a non-traditional QB.

  • Dorian Edwards
    Dorian Edwards

    If a Hall of Famer like Steve Young can sit behind Joe Montana for 4 years, then Trey Lance can sit behind Jimmy for a couple years. That's what should happen. Trey Lance is gonna be a great QB, but he needs some experience. He will get it behind Jimmy because Garoppolo cannot stay healthy.

  • Brian Thomas
    Brian Thomas

    Hey skip shut the f up

  • GE

    Shanahan is MASSIVELY overrated. Look at his record without Jimmy G. It's a bad losing record, yet all we here is that he's a genius? He isn't.

  • Mai Tan Khang
    Mai Tan Khang

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  • Hardline

    Five reasons Skip! 1.) Jimmy G injury history. 2.) NFC is probably the most competitive division year in your out. 3.) if management and coaching aren’t sold on JG taking them to consecutive Promise Land appearances - got to draft someone you think can. “If the Glove Don’t Fit You Must Dismiss” 4.). Let’s say that JG does great and goes 8-1 in the first half of the season, what does that do for SF it automatically raises JG trade value allowing SF to recoup that draft capital. 5.). Whoever gets to 11-6 in the NFC West is most likely winning the West. Which makes ownership happy happy 😃

  • William Young
    William Young

    QB's have to learn to avoid injury. It's a skill. Tom Brady is superior at it. Somehow Jimmy G didn't learn from him when they were on the same roster. It's situational intelligence. Groppo's injuries were dumb and avoidable. And they didn't occur at critical points in the game where maybe you would take some extra risk to win. Tannehill has taken on some significant contact that probably would have put Jimmy in the hospital. But he did it while scoring or getting critical first downs.

  • Max Palmer
    Max Palmer

    Send Jimmy back to NE

  • CharlieTWilbury

    How can you not understand it? Did you not watch their recent SB game?

  • Jim Gillis
    Jim Gillis

    Is #3 this year enough bait to draw interest from Houston for Watson with whatever else needs to be on the table to make a trade happen. Houston and Watson look more and more like a divorce that is going to happen which means they need a high pick to get their QB of the future. Lynch and Shanahan don't seem to really care who is still available at 3 which seems very odd and the Jets would have been fools not to jump all over what San Fran gave up to get to 3 as they are definitely on the rebuild. It all smells of more going on with this deal than the 49ers just making the move for a JimmyG replacement while he is still in the building and they are still touting him as their guy.

  • Captain Nigga
    Captain Nigga

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  • rip jones
    rip jones

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  • Davbaldwin1

    Gave up WAY much to move up 9 spots. I can see somebody giving up that much for Lawrence but for a #3? I mean they gave up there future.

    • Tj C
      Tj C

      Then they should be drafting a QB that has carry-the-team type potential. Mac Jones is the one everyone is projecting to be it, and he’s the type of QB that needs loads of support.

  • Jeff

    The only two franchise QBs are Trevor Lawrence and Zach. Sorry 49ers... 3rd pick isn't close enough. Stick with Jimmy.

  • Boots

    Jenny get them lips injected? Or is it just me?

  • Notfrom Thisworld
    Notfrom Thisworld

    That qb they get should be on learning position for 2-3 years and then trade or release

  • J Gunzler
    J Gunzler

    51 TDs/ 26 INTs/ 6 Fumbles lost. - Jimmy Gs career numbers. That’s not really a turnover machine. Heck, Jameis Winston had more turnovers than that in 1 season.

  • J Gunzler
    J Gunzler

    Remember that time Jimmy G tore his ACL like a putz?! That was funny

  • Wildin Lara
    Wildin Lara

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  • JDB

    Rumor is Jimmy slept with Kyle’s wife and she wanted to leave Kyle for Jimmy.

  • Steffen Samlal
    Steffen Samlal

    It is nice to plan for the future, so why were y’all upset when green bay moved up to secure there future last draft

  • Chris Coker
    Chris Coker

    They might be drafting Pitts and not a qb. I think this is more likely than drafting a qb. Mac Jones is gonna still be around late first round early 2nd probably.

  • Scott Gardner
    Scott Gardner

    If your the 49ers your choice is probably between trey lance or Justin fields. To me neither one is a bad choice

  • Rocco Casazza
    Rocco Casazza

    Shannon said sought 🤣

  • b

    San Francisco will take a qb at 3 then will trade him to the Vikings for Kirk Cousins

  • Julian Tate
    Julian Tate

    I'm not a 49er fan: They better not miss at 3 or this will set them back years. Critical draft for this front office. I would draft star WR Jamar Chase and roll with Jimmy G. Put up points and play good D. They gave up way too much to draft a WR here though. Chase could be legendary though.

  • Jason Kuang
    Jason Kuang

    as long as the defense stays healthy and shanny is there with his key weapons, theyll be aiight

  • David Morales
    David Morales

    9ers trade 3 pick to houston for watson

  • Bsmith

    If jimmy g came from anywhere but the pats he’d be a backup on any team in the nfl rn, he’s insanely overrated

  • David Cole
    David Cole

    Come On Down Mac Jones.. Good Fit at SF.

    • Tj C
      Tj C

      after trading all those picks?? U want Mac Jones??? Someone who isn’t athletically gifted like the others and doesn’t display any mobility??? That’s not wise. Kyle is great at building QBs.. so why not start moulding with one that is naturally gifted.. he will essentially be creating a monster and be resolving the issue he has been having lately and that is losing to mobile QBs like Mahomes and Allen.

  • Dnxnxnxkcn kfkfkgc
    Dnxnxnxkcn kfkfkgc

    Mac Jones? I don't think so 🤔 He would have been there at 12

    • Mr_Yaakem Mr_Yaakem
      Mr_Yaakem Mr_Yaakem

      Don't like him at all and think he would have been on the board late first round he's always been surrounded by the best receivers that made him look good and of course the best college coach of all time he's injury prone and not mobile give me trey Lance or Zack Wilson 💯

  • Marvin Gamez
    Marvin Gamez

    It makes sense to make a move, but then doesn’t make sense because is there really a QB that will be left at #3, that’s actually worth giving up what they gave up?

  • Demauri Mitchell
    Demauri Mitchell

    You can’t compare Dak and Garopollo for one not much if anything was expected of Dak when he came in and also Dak had an offense that was top tier, he just had to not mess it up, remember when the niners traded for Jimmy G they hadn’t even won a game and they finished 5-11 I believe. Dak didn’t just figure it out, he came into a good situation.

  • Gregory Wilder
    Gregory Wilder

    Shannon's suit is super fly

  • Sene Xu
    Sene Xu

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  • Jon Boy
    Jon Boy

    Dak figured it out the cowboys haven't done anything

  • Truedag101

    I'm curious why they didn't give Shannon a new jacket after he clearly fell in a puddle.

  • S leigh
    S leigh

    Lol...26 million for 10 games ?with like 38 million cap hit? Good luck as stop gap...dumb

  • Shoot The Moon
    Shoot The Moon

    Historically speaking the 3rd QB taken in the draft doesn't pan out. The 49ers are taking a silly stretch of a gamble of just taking whatever QB is left at #3.I think it's a boneheaded move.

  • S leigh
    S leigh

    Lol 26-7 jimmy g? Yeah he's no good lol

  • __jOvS__

    Its bcoz their trying to make the texans panic and release watson,, mac jones and no. 3 overall pick is just a smokescreen

  • New Name
    New Name

    Are first round picks are gonna basically be second round picks

  • Lillam Avason
    Lillam Avason

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  • Rob D
    Rob D

    I don't understand how this more on named skip has a job. In another country this guy would be in a food line 💯

  • Daryl D.
    Daryl D.

    I don't think Skip understands the process of building a team. 49ers stocked the cupboard with talent, especially at the premium positions (Bosa, Warner, Kittle, Trent). Now is the time to get the high upside QB on a rookie deal in there. Jimmy's injuries aside, this was always gonna be their play.

  • 김다희

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  • Bengerman Browne
    Bengerman Browne

    Shannon's blazers is upsetting me

  • Tommy Monday
    Tommy Monday

    Maybe they're making all these moves to make some kind of crazy deal with the Texans..!!!

  • Dust Devil
    Dust Devil

    Do u draft a qB and trade cam for Jimmy

  • Elaine Ng
    Elaine Ng

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  • Christopher

    The more time I’m thinking about it. They might take Trey Lance.

    • Joe Mcginnis
      Joe Mcginnis

      He needs a lot of work and Jimmy is so injury prone he'd be thrown into the fire and he's a expensive bridge

  • 1Luh Dayy
    1Luh Dayy


    • Mr_Yaakem Mr_Yaakem
      Mr_Yaakem Mr_Yaakem

      Running game and defense Jimmy NEVER won a game for us he's trash and always been trash 💯

  • smokythecameraman

    the 49ers are trying to get sewell

  • Jory Tinker
    Jory Tinker

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  • William Anderer
    William Anderer

    If the Cowboys traded the next 5 first rounders for Jamal adams, skip would think it was a great move.

  • david craine
    david craine

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  • Durty Red
    Durty Red

    Healthy 9ers would’ve ran through all the teams in nfc playoffs so they’re in good position as is, but to get a franchise qbs in the midst of a legit championship window is awesome. Especially considering, say they don’t make trade polo wins some this year, next season they won’t be in position to get Sam Howell and 2022 has no legit QBs so if they don’t make a move now they’re stuck with polo. Would u put your career on the line for polo at this point? No they made the best decision possible with their roster

  • Scott Repella
    Scott Repella

    You all keep blaming Jimmy for it all, but yet look at what he is dealt, no OL, no deep WR once we got Sanders he was lights out, I am a fan of Jimmy and to me the 49ers disrespected Jimmy.

  • Stanley Ezen
    Stanley Ezen

    Trey lance

  • Gabby Koz
    Gabby Koz

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  • june Bradshaw
    june Bradshaw

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  • julian garcia
    julian garcia

    drew lock turnover machine.... but denver dosent need a qb???? ooook

  • Gerardo Reyes2
    Gerardo Reyes2

    They are taking Mac Jones for sure

    • flossy b
      flossy b

      God i hope not 👏

  • vin russo
    vin russo

    Skip is saying he likes rookie QB's thrown into the fire year one, and uses Dak as an example? Dallas was one play from the championship game and 4 pro bowl offensive lineman the year before. Dak's 1st season was put on a silver platter.

    • wade is so old
      wade is so old

      That was daks best season to cause nobody had film on him. He’s been putting up great fantasy stats since but can’t win when it matters most

  • mizadi2017

    I think they're confident in the long term. This is a long term bet that will hopefully pay off.

  • Treveon Mccurty
    Treveon Mccurty

    The jets don’t need a qb the idea of picking a qb is stupid they need an oline wr and defense

  • Suzaku Gaming
    Suzaku Gaming

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  • Animals are Perfect
    Animals are Perfect

    It's pretty obvious, 49ers want a better quarterback

  • Ryelyn Desch
    Ryelyn Desch

    Ay 2 mil!

  • M O
    M O

    Yeah two late first round picks and a third are the king's ransom

  • Jordan Lo
    Jordan Lo

    Hopefully niners draft Wilson. Dude is a stud.