Cowboys rank No. 1 in receivers, now the pressure is on Dak Prescott - Skip | NFL | UNDISPUTED
Pro Football Focus released their grades for the best position groups in the NFL, and the Dallas Cowboys were named the team with the best wide receivers. PFF pointed to Dak Prescott's injury as the only thing that held back the trio of Michael Gallup, CeeDee Lamb, and Amari Cooper last year, and that those three could help lead Dallas to be one of the better offenses in 2021 now that Prescott is back under center. Hear what Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe have to say about the Cowboys receiving core and what this means for Dak Prescott.
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Cowboys rank No. 1 in receivers, now the pressure is on Dak Prescott - Skip | NFL | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

  • Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Do you agree that the Cowboys has the best receivers in the league?

    • Pedro Charles
      Pedro Charles

      @SizzleYourMom you

    • a lol
      a lol

      @geton mylevel Well ye bro u missing a few things. Dak also lost 5 fumbles in that time frame. This yr his 1 win was vs the worst team on the schedule in Atl. And that was courtesy of the kicker. Last yr dallas got 6 wins vs the worst in league: nyg x2, Mia, det, and wash x2 >> they drafted 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th right there with cincy and joe burrow. Other 2 wins vs 1 game over .500 eagles and rams... jets and darnold, saints no brees... losses. And when it mattered most; essentially a playoff game vs eagles... lost. Btw starting corners for eagles out in 1st meeting where dak did well. Not even a td in 2nd game with both starters there. I wonder how corners affect dak again?🤔 ...🤣 But let's get to this "team" argument. Dak fans throw out all this nonsense about 6k and blah blah 42 wins... cuz it makes em look good. The team doesn't matter then does it? He must be blocking for self, running routes and throwing to self. Zeke had 1300 yards in 2019 creating windows for qb and wr to wrk in cuz 2ndry and linebackers biting on bootlegs in fear of zeke. O line was a monster in 2019 relative to Dalton in 2020. 2019 defense ranked 10th to Dalton's? 🤣🤣🤣 dak had 50mil on the field with him in 2019 with the healthy oline. And his 1mil/yr contract. Dalton had 50 mil sitting on couch in 2020.... STILL WENT .500 like dallas in 2019... dak is mediocre at best. Ur question has been stuffed with answers

    • geton mylevel
      geton mylevel

      Shannon i have a question for ya since you like to be all over dak! what would tom bradys all time record be without that lexury career he had? i mean the what 16-19 years with a top 10 defense! tell me what would tom bradys record be if his defense gave up an avg of 30+ points agame!

    • geton mylevel
      geton mylevel

      am i missing somthing!? they keep saying how did dak do his last 17 games well honestly better than most qbs but you wouldnt know that by baseing the team record on him! In daks last 17 games he has 5.615yds thats 330.2yds a game, 30tds to 12ints thats an avg of 1.7tds a game and 0.7ints a game, had a total rating of 2,173.5 thats and avg Rating per game of 127.8 and an avg qbr of 78. so again what about dak in his last 17 games? he has done more than enough to have a better record but y'all want to ignore the fact defense was the biggest down fall! an offense aka qb is only as good as the defense! ask tom brady! He has a lossing record/Failed season when his defense isnt top10! Dak has done more than enough to win a superbowl no longer get us to one! stop blaming dak and put the blame where it really belongs!

    • Tin Man
      Tin Man

      Skip you LIED in print POINT BLANK!

  • Pedro Charles
    Pedro Charles

    Get off the D

  • Charles Maddox
    Charles Maddox

    Defense the cowboys needs to a talented Defense to reach the Super Bowl


    11 of the 22 of the 53!!!! HAHAHAA

  • Craig Cunningham
    Craig Cunningham

    They can’t hate in that all three receivers almost hit a 1000 yards each so I don’t see how that not make them the number one

  • Veson Douangmanilay
    Veson Douangmanilay

    Have all the talent and still can't win all but two playoffs games. Haven't come close to the NFC title since jimmy was at the helm! So 😭😭😭

  • Mark Collins
    Mark Collins

    Yeah we go through this every year with Dallas

  • Kahron LaSure
    Kahron LaSure

    So the defense doesn’t has anything to do with winning?!? Ok.....

  • Darnell Farley
    Darnell Farley

    2019 Zeke problems 2020 Dak problems/O line 2021 if healthy NFC Champs

  • Jihad Bess
    Jihad Bess


  • Jihad Bess
    Jihad Bess


  • Yuzu Johnson
    Yuzu Johnson

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  • Jesse Douglas
    Jesse Douglas

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  • Alex Goodwall
    Alex Goodwall

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  • Labor Movement
    Labor Movement

    Cowboys are a wet dream

  • Sloppy 1 Hundred
    Sloppy 1 Hundred

    "Skip you've been waiting 25 years!" 😂

  • Frankie Chapman
    Frankie Chapman

    The Cowboys offense may be deadly, but the defense is very, VERY bad. In a 17-game schedule, the Cowboys appear to be going 7-10 and missing the playoffs for the third consecutive season. As long as Jerry Jones is the owner, they can’t beat a good team.

  • Bawby Charles
    Bawby Charles

    Feck all y'all haters! Go ahead jump on that Buccaneers n Brady Wagon! We all can make predictions n be right n wrong... Let's see what is said after draft!

  • kevin Edwards
    kevin Edwards

    The receivers are not ranked #1 without dak be real only cooper made a K

  • Darnell

    Shannon sounds like a damn fool cause Hopkins was a top 2-3 WR for years on the Texans but the numbers don't support it.

  • Jeffrey Van Tassel
    Jeffrey Van Tassel

    If julio can stay healthy

  • whatszat

    I love these guys, but I think I have heard this same conversation enough by now. lol

  • Simon Wang
    Simon Wang

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  • Tin Man
    Tin Man

    Without a defense they’re in trouble

  • JP CHEVY!!
    JP CHEVY!!

    Skip be tripping me out 🤣🤣🤣 but I do believe had the defense got it in gear before Dak had gotten hurt there record woukd have been a whole lot better. He was putting up 30 plus a game but no help from the defense but nobody mentioning that part. But let's see what 2021 & 2022 bring tho.

  • Russ Obenstine
    Russ Obenstine

    Do not agree I think easily Strelers have #1 receivers

  • David Parkes
    David Parkes

    Even if Dak does have the best WR group it means absolutely NOTHING if the protection isn't there for him & judging by last year it's absolutely NOT there now.

  • larrycancooke2

    If this PLANET DON'T STOP WITH THE FOOLISHNESS... Greatest Offensive team in the world can score a Million Points..BUT if the D-fence allows the other team scores a Million And one points... you still have a loosing season...Hello 2021-22..... can we bring........ DOOMSDAY back...

  • Kevin George
    Kevin George

    Shannon's face when Skip said 'he'll turn into Deandre Hopkins'. 🤣

  • Ryan Vliem
    Ryan Vliem

    Come on stop this you know me just not what im after

  • Atticus Kirkpatrick
    Atticus Kirkpatrick

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  • PA PA's BOYZ
    PA PA's BOYZ

    No defence Shannon!!😳

  • B P
    B P

    Why does nobody ever say...Dak is all dat

  • Kelly Graham
    Kelly Graham

    Shannon you wrong this year we going to do it

  • Billy Martin
    Billy Martin

    Yes, at least they should win their division. Also with Drew Brees's retirement, the uncertainty of Aaron Rodgers, the unpredictable Russell Wilson, ancient Tom Brady, the fallen Matt Ryan, and whoever the Rams have at QB, there is no reason why Dak and the Cowboys couldn't at least win a playoff game but Cowboys fans are sick of that. 25 years is a long time for a franchise who have disappointed fans since 2007. They're not a bad team, they're not a good team, they are the Dallas Cowboys, a team haunted by their past glory. They can go 17-0 in the regular season and still be one and done. That's been their curse.

  • Deette Kearns
    Deette Kearns

    "I need Dak to be Tom Brady next year!" Really? What an embarrassing statement. Dallas Cowboys fan here. Skip, people might take you more seriously if your eyes were open and not in the clouds. Shannon, you have the patience of a saint.

  • Yabba DabbaDoo
    Yabba DabbaDoo

    Cowboys ain’t winning shyt

  • Random YouTube
    Random YouTube

    How many times do I have to say it, the Cowboys are worthless. They don’t even pose the smallest threat in the NFL. Skip, choose another team to cheer for.

  • Eric Espinoza
    Eric Espinoza

    Why are they discussing a non-playoff team?

  • Increase

    At 13:30 Shannon had a look like, I work with one of the dumbest men in the business, after Skip says Cee Dee Lamb will turn into Dhop.

  • Increase

    Only in America can you receive 7 F's out of 13 games and still be paid like one of the best players in the league, in no way shape or form could I have resigned Dak Prescott.

  • Jonathan Skinner
    Jonathan Skinner

    Did skip say Gallop is between than Godwin!?! WHAT!!?!

  • Gerardo Reyes2
    Gerardo Reyes2

    75 !!!! Lmaooo

  • Alaa Kofahi
    Alaa Kofahi

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  • Devante Gatson
    Devante Gatson

    Bucs got 2 all pro receivera if ab come back itll be 3

  • isaac debeila
    isaac debeila

    the past 2-3 season cowboys have been called the best receiving core in the league and each of those years they were top 10 in drop balls from catchable passes

  • Michael Blankinship
    Michael Blankinship

    Nobody talking about the erosion of the offensive line 😳 the core of the team 🤦‍♂️

  • Ty

    CHARGES WR are the most underrated WR group.

  • Isidro Galvez
    Isidro Galvez

    Skip real talk your not a real Cowboys Fan your all about the Media

  • AndreEazyAKAMurph

    Bruh I was dead when Shannon looked at the screen 💀

  • Kevin Kerr
    Kevin Kerr

    Trade Zeke to the falcons for the 4th pick. Draft pits at 4. Draft Harris at 10 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • NuffxSaid

    I would love Pitts. But Horn is the guy we need at CB. Would love to get Radnuz at LT or the LT from OK St.

  • Zeroiare

    Skip: I’m not a bias cowboys fans Also Skip; makes horrible points while being clearly bias about the Cowboys. 🥴

  • Michael Parks
    Michael Parks

    It would be awesome if the viewers could see the clips along with you guys!

  • Danny boy
    Danny boy

    I think as long as Brady is still there the cowboys will never win a super bowl let alone win a nfc championship

  • Eloy Leija
    Eloy Leija

    Lmao none of the cowboys wrs are better than antonio alone and tyreek hill from chiefs these are bias ratings

  • William Heinsinger
    William Heinsinger


  • Juan Maldonado
    Juan Maldonado

    This means absolutely nothing. The Cowgirls are trash.

  • Abel E. Jimenez
    Abel E. Jimenez

    The 2021 NFC East will be all about the Dallas Cowboys, not the Washington Washingtons, New York Giants or Philadelphia Eagles, with Dak the money man, they will be fine, their #1 focus should be the NFC Championship game period.

  • Sean Blaney
    Sean Blaney

    Skip: I’m an objective cowboys fan *Proceeds to prove himself wrong for the next 15 minutes

  • Shadow Storm
    Shadow Storm

    Cowboys #1? Are they high? Like dissing the chargers with their receivers who caught records for Justin Herbert and are they ignoring the Vikings? Especially another Record breaker?

  • QuackAttack

    Cowboys ain’t going anywhere when they have Dak as QB

  • Natasha Wilson
    Natasha Wilson

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  • Justin Bell
    Justin Bell

    Bills are quietly good steph beasley Davis and now sanders could be deadly

  • Travas Fay
    Travas Fay

    Daks fine. He's good , has great support and in his life football is probably the least stressful thing . Not everyone is the same. And their signings weren't terrible. If they overpaid you'd be critical. They do the smart almost patriot way then you bash them. They did more than enough with what they're getting back thendepth and talent they signed and the draft. Chill out guys. Their defense is what needs the biggest change and the biggest problem was coaching . And now they have improved depth and talent and stand to improve that more and hope 1 OL draft signing after 3rd round for depth possible starting guard.

  • Travas Fay
    Travas Fay

    Shannon could you sound more ignorant. Football is the ultimate team sport. They do that with the numbers with all the players saying they should be better or worse than they were. You just make no sense. Dallas has had very talented squads. You need it all to come together to make it far in the playoffs.

  • George Irey
    George Irey

    Skips biggest bandwagon fan he has so many teams now

  • oacevedo81

    I need me a woman that loves me the way Skip loves the Cowboys.

  • LyricVids

    I swear skip runs pff

  • Jaime Mootoo
    Jaime Mootoo

    Skip calling himself an objective cowboy fan is a real life example of what happens when you mix oil and water

  • ulphil08

    Skip isn't an objective fan. He's an embarrassment and an idiot

  • escomobro23

    Shannon face after skip said Ceedee lamb going to be a DeAndre Hopkins

  • therush420

    So is Beasley doing a track with Griselda?

  • Soccercrazyigboman

    Lmao skip smiling like a kid in the beginning 🤣

  • Valentino Urbina
    Valentino Urbina

    You guys should show the plays to us when you are watching them

  • Elbert Lee
    Elbert Lee

    Aren’t they “stacked” every year?

  • High Definition
    High Definition

    Funny how they will find a way to blame Dak for everything. But really says anything about Dak playing with the WORST all around defense in NFL History. No QB can score 35 points every week to even have a chance to win. Smh

  • King Ortiz Jr.
    King Ortiz Jr.

    I wish someone would love me like how skip like ceede 🤣

  • Steve W
    Steve W

    Shannon's facial expressions are awesome LOL

  • Steve W
    Steve W

    Jerra' Jones has acquired good talent over the years but he's horrible with meddling / undermining his coaches. Winning a Super Bowl with Barry Switzer ruined him because he became convinced that he was the reason why they won those Super Bowls, not Jimmy Johnson and that it was necessary for him to "intervene" at times. How else do you explain only 4 wild card wins in the playoffs for the past TWENTY FOUR YEARS?

  • Florida 83
    Florida 83

    Bad situation calls always but we got a good coach now in the playoffs cause of his experience

  • Florida 83
    Florida 83

    Y’all always overlooking the staff not coach but staff

  • Trey Will
    Trey Will

    We getting a ring

  • Gerald Hoffpauir
    Gerald Hoffpauir

    We Love ya down here in texas mr. sharpe

  • Edwin baez
    Edwin baez

    Can someone tell me time and time years and years what is it with skipping and him touching his nose all the freaking time. Is it that Colombian Gold😂?


    I shall make the same prediction I make every year. Once again they will not make the super bowl...

  • tylerswag1

    I guess he forgot those receivers were on pace to have over 1000 yards each last season before Dak got hurt 🤣 we’ll see this upcoming season tho

  • Timmy Chan
    Timmy Chan

    Skip is the best deflector of all time 😭😂

  • Roe Adcock
    Roe Adcock

    They were ranked number 1 last yr too lmfao

  • Ed Mitchell
    Ed Mitchell

    Pro football focus must be funded by dallas.

  • Ed Mitchell
    Ed Mitchell

    Dallas is a joke. Skip is making himself look stupid

  • Abraham Del Rio
    Abraham Del Rio

    I hate how skip says pro football focus is Shannon’s favorite website even tho it’s the way around 😂. Not sure if he says it sarcastically tho

  • dave22226

    We’re gonna have to start giving skip credit for this legendary run of nicknames he’s on. Kevin Do-rant because he do be rantin, and Dak Stresscott. He’s got a few others but can’t remember em off the top of my head 😂

  • Bleach Cowboy
    Bleach Cowboy

    I used to like Jerry... until I found out he took Shannon off the Christmas card list.

  • Gareth Johnson
    Gareth Johnson

    The reason we haven't been back to the superbowl is we have lacked in the QB and HC department. Romo was good but not great, dak is good but not great. And coach wise well haven't had a good one since Jimmy. We can blame the defense for the loss in the divisional and everyone is like well the defense was bad. But they were a top 10 defense that year, can't blame dak because he was a rookie which is fair.


    Skip said 1st game of the season set them back 😂😂😂😂😂 im done

  • sjwilson1079

    Tampa is the most talented receiving corps in the nfl even if AB doesn’t come back

  • sjwilson1079

    If you think The cowboys are winning it all you are delusional

  • Kevondrick Bailey
    Kevondrick Bailey

    Lol Shannon, "Skip! That was the first game!"

  • cowboy fan
    cowboy fan

    Ceedee had ben dinucci, garret Gilbert and andy dalton throwing to him stop

    • Rick Peso
      Rick Peso

      Terry McLaurin had like 5 different QBs last year still balled out what's your point?