Chiefs deserve to be ranked over Tom Brady's Bucs in Power Rankings - Shannon | NFL | UNDISPUTED
In the latest post free-agency power rankings, there are two familiar teams at the top. The Kansas City Chiefs landed the top spot thanks to re-working their offensive line, and despite beating Kansas City in the Super Bowl, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers landed at the 2nd spot. Then in the NFC East, Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys led the way at 19 while the Giants came in at 21 and The Washington Football Team landed at 22. Hear what Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe have to say about the latest NFL Power Rankings.
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Chiefs deserve to be ranked over Tom Brady's Bucs in Power Rankings - Shannon | NFL | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

  • Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Who deserves the #1 spot: Chiefs or Buccaneers?

    • Jake Hanley
      Jake Hanley

      BUCS easy lol

    • Zane Colby
      Zane Colby

      @Zaiden Mario i will try it out right now. Looks great so far.

    • Zaiden Mario
      Zaiden Mario

      I dont know if anyone gives a damn but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my friends Instagram password by using Instapwn. You can find it by Googling for InstaPwn password hack :)

    • Steven Quintana
      Steven Quintana

      @Nicholas Shaw why weren’t y’all saying that when they played Buffalo? Or before the game lol

    • Joseph Blow
      Joseph Blow

      @Doug Hanson - KC winning that Super Bowl seems pretty far fetched considering Tampa didn’t punt from the middle of the 1st quarter to the middle of the 4th quarter, don’t you think? I know you think if it wasn’t for the injured OL, blah blah blah but you should look up last year’s Super Bowl. At the 8 minute mark in the 4th quarter, KC’s offense had put up only 1 more point and 8 more yards last year. San Francisco’s defense actually had more sacks in that game. The difference between last year and this year was that the Bucs offense put up 31 points and put the game out of reach by the middle of 4th quarter. So unless the Chiefs going to show up with better defense along with a healthy offensive line, the end result is going to stay the same.

  • Event Horizon Productions
    Event Horizon Productions

    Shannon acting like Tampa going through no preseason with a new quarterback is the same as KC or Green Bay going through not having a preseason is about as intellectually weak as it gets.

  • Toronto Maple Leafs
    Toronto Maple Leafs

    cheifs shoudlnt be ranked #1 in anything, not even the best team in the afc

  • Steven Kovacs
    Steven Kovacs

    Who pay this " low football iQ analist "? Shannon just cant get over it ..the bucs mop the field with hes mahooouuumes boy....and ended the fake dynasty...and some stupid sprt writers put chiefs front of the bucs ? Last year when the season started...Shannon talk about the aints continuity ...they are better ..the bucs have no time to come together ....and now ..the untested free agent offensive line with wore down dead horse inner is better than the bucs ?...thats hillarious ..and some pay serious money for this basket lips analyist ?...

  • Cameron Lowrey
    Cameron Lowrey

    It looks like shannon accidentally washed his suit with a bit of bleach 😂😂😂

  • Fredric Bethune
    Fredric Bethune

    Racist Shannon at it again. His jealousy and hate for white boy Brady overpowers all reason.

  • Chris Summers
    Chris Summers

    Sharp drives me crazy. I wish Skip had his on show!!

  • boomKnootz88

    Look Skip may be a homer most the time but when it comes to Tom Brady and Mahomes Shannon acts like Brady is a Bum and Mahomes is some GOD Shannon talking about a regaular season game(That TB could have easily won despite Hills huge game) Tampa Bay is a better team than KC and the SB proved it Just Cause KC signed some players they’re suddenly supposed to mesh well? All those guys in Tampa already played together last year

  • Steven Kovacs
    Steven Kovacs

    How many version the chiefs have ?...i saw a few of mediocre ..over rated ...weak deffense...useless offense line ..fake goat...fake you want more version Mr basket lips analyst ?..the bucs is the only real team with one version....beat every team ..thats the only version Shannon..THE CHIEFS NOT GOING TO MAKE IT TO THE PLAYOFF.!!!!!!...BILLS BROWNS BUCS IS BETTER TEAMS ...the blue print is out there to beat the fake dynasty...

  • Skeeter Finklage
    Skeeter Finklage

    This is why I don't watch ESPN, the blacks are openly racist, and the agenda is anti white. Shannon, and his eternal hatred of the white man prevents him from acknowledging that nature has decided the goat is a white man.

  • kyle kautz
    kyle kautz

    The chemistry is the difference maker.. Bucs will get a full off/pre season to build that chemistry... Bucs will be better...

  • Amukelani Mashele
    Amukelani Mashele

    Shannon you’re pathetic 😂 end of story

  • Danny

    Shannon.... smh.

  • Ruben Alderette
    Ruben Alderette

    Buccaneers hands down

  • D Smith
    D Smith

    It was a shell, yet you picked KC last year. Even with a shell.

  • lil sol
    lil sol

    Shannon just loves giving Brady fire

  • Julius Caesar
    Julius Caesar

    All I hear is Shannon not giving props to Tampa.. Anyway you slice it, Bucs are the better team because Brady the x-factor.. Its all biased opinion when you prefer a player but you cant deny the reality and how it played out.. Brady a better QB and Tampa Bay is the better team..

  • Heisenberg

    Possible repeat of last year's SB. Long season, but Chiefs will win their division and have at least 1 home playoff game, sam for Bucs. In playoffs who knows, head to head I still like the Chiefs regardless of the SB beatdown. Chiefs got caught slippin

  • 이상훈

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    when you beat brees, rodgers and mahomes yet their #2 🤣🤣🤣 going for 8th ring 👊🏼

  • Malikai

    I don’t understand how if the Chiefs lose a game badly or just lose a game people just forget about it and say oh Patrick Mahomes is god and it doesn’t matter.

  • Michael McIntosh
    Michael McIntosh

    Poor Shannon Sharpe. He just can’t get off his Brady’ hating ways and Brady been giving him the long D.

  • kat king
    kat king

    maybe a 3peat will convince the dude on the left?

  • Francisco Covarrubias
    Francisco Covarrubias

    The broken coke pivotally sneeze because oil ethnically concentrate anenst a near creek. jaded, hapless deborah

  • Michael Williams
    Michael Williams

    Shannon Sharpe us a liar! He knows that it takes time to gel! Lebron showed him that! He made those same points then! He has 2 sides to his mouth. Ya never know which side he will talk out of yet! He reminds me of the guy who says,"No Way No How" haha Rob "Crackhead" Parker!! Mr. Short bus himself! What happened to Cromartie? He said 10-6 and no playoff wins last season for Tampa. He played also Shannon so I guess he knows also? You are just a hater and please never stop!! Ring #8 coming soon!!!!

  • Chet Barker
    Chet Barker

    The homeless rotate utrastructurally love because suit evidently fool down a unequaled accordion. observant, uttermost hacksaw

  • Cynthia Hart
    Cynthia Hart

    The domineering tulip holly hammer because kettledrum gergely watch plus a six pencil. embarrassed, willing rayon

  • Antonio Johnson
    Antonio Johnson

    Shannon is a Brady hater 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Lyrix Diego
    Lyrix Diego

    funny we talking Bout chiefs and Bucs When the Chargers Goin to the Super Bowl Next year ⚡️😤 Herbert That dude ‼️

  • Ferdinand Lamer
    Ferdinand Lamer

    The “horse” keep on hatin’😂

  • Mic Blades
    Mic Blades

    The Bills or Browns will win the AFC.

  • Steven Kazanjian
    Steven Kazanjian

    no one wants to talk about the 7-9 bucs having a qb that turned the ball over 37 times. There are at least 6 qb's that could have done what brady did in tampa.

  • Machine6996

    All u fanboys that watch instead of playing the game don't realize how lucky the best offensive line players for the Packers and Chiefs were both out against the Bucs. They lose to either team with those OL playing healthy

  • Daryl Elliott
    Daryl Elliott

    Shannon can't stand that Brady won again so he comes up with "power rankings" to insult Brady. Shannon, the only thing that matters is the 2021 Lombardi Trophy.....and it's not in Kansas City.

  • michael harris
    michael harris


  • xCoLOMbIaNKiNg

    Lol skip was talkin

  • Nick Maz
    Nick Maz

    Are we really talking about football rankings already 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Kevin P.
    Kevin P.

    Shannon is so salty. It's getting old.

  • Quan Canady
    Quan Canady

    Shannon give brady his credit yes they improve they lose and came back and blew them u smoking flocka shannon are u trolling 😷

  • PandaRoyale

    Shannon has great takes until it comes to Tom Brady. He just throws all his knowledge and instincts out the window to throw petty shade.

  • Gerry Ortiz
    Gerry Ortiz

    Shannon needs to get high on his own supply at Club Shay w all the Ls he keeps taking. 🤣

  • Alex C
    Alex C

    Chiefs upgraded because they HAD to. TB is a complete squad by bringing back all their starters, without any glaring weaknesses.

  • Vonn Wick
    Vonn Wick

    AB was right about Shannon Sharpe

  • Franco Barrera
    Franco Barrera

    Shannon's takes are always spot on. Skip needs to retire.

  • brian laya
    brian laya

    Shannon hates Brady soooooooo much. I love that Mahomes can never be the Goat now that honor belongs to Mr. Brady!!! TB12 🐐💩🙅🏻‍♂️🧢💍💍💍💍💍💍💍 GOAT OF ALL GOATS

  • SJB

    Hey Shannon, you need to steer clear of those mud puddles.

  • Darth Vadar swgoh
    Darth Vadar swgoh

    Tampa is the most talented team in the league overall WR's - TE's - RB's - OL - DL - LB ect. Tampa has more talent then KC 100%


    KC is the clear underdog now.

  • Matt Bundy
    Matt Bundy

    Skip doesn’t get it that was the question you idiot has Tampa Bay improved no

  • Karl Bennett
    Karl Bennett

    Why is sharp making excuses for KC? There was no other team or players playing for KC. Bucs was the better team and deserved the higher rank. You get one shot. So you Ethier show up or shut up. Patrick Mahomes had his weakness of being under pressure exposed again.

  • Jack S
    Jack S

    Shannon ... high on BS again. Embarrassing for the HOF. The talent level of the Broncos was just the worst for Manning, Shannon. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Yeah, try another one. And yeah, TB12 never had that kind of offensive talent ... and he has 6 rings without all that offensive talent!

  • Jesseg0815

    Skip can’t even answer the obvious question. Of course a healthy chiefs would of beat the bucs

  • Kenny Powers
    Kenny Powers

    12:13 oh now its a problem tom has talent around him 🤷🏽‍♂️☕

  • Parth Patel
    Parth Patel

    Rarely do I see unc get bodied. Hate to see it

  • WizardofWestmarch

    As a Broncos fan seeing Shannon stoop to this level of pathetic about the Chiefs is just sad. He's so blinded by the mystique of Mahomes (which IMO proved was overrated in the SB because he was supposed to be good enough the line didn't matter and WHOOPS) he ignores the fact that they are probably worse than the team of last year in general. The line will PROBABLY be better than the SB line, but that means 0. I think the Chiefs are vulnerable next year.

  • june Bradshaw
    june Bradshaw

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  • Gary B
    Gary B

    I like Unc's takes, but Skip wiped the floor with him here.

  • Johnny H
    Johnny H

    Shay hates Brady and its getting pathetic

  • Josh

    I kind of feel bad for Shannon being forced to argue against Tom Brady is about the worst job anybody could have LOL

  • Karan Desai
    Karan Desai

    Shannon is so disingenuous. Tom Brady's offense is timing based which means he needs lots of reps with his receivers. He's on a new team with new personnel. They had no feel for Tom, Tom had no feel for them. It's a huge disadvantage to not have a pre season in those circumstances than it would be for the chiefs or the saints or the packers

  • Ray

    Shannon basically made Skip’s point by the end. He started trying to say Tampa isn’t the best and then ended up saying how good Tom’s team was.

  • Kell Adams
    Kell Adams

    The funny dibble historically book because sphere sadly reject through a thirsty romania. halting, lowly lisa

  • Jay Jainga
    Jay Jainga

    In Mahomes and Brady running saga, Mahomes has not beaten Brady in games that mattered. Brady beat Mahomes twice as a Patriot. In the just ended SB Brady and the Bucks demolished the Chiefs and Mahomes couldn't even score a TD. In the loss to the Chiefs in the regular season the Bucks only lost by a few points and could have made a comeback but ran out of time...and he scored touchdowns. Brady keeps his cool and knows how to adjust his game to make comebacks.

  • YB

    Shannon take that l like a man

  • Nicodemouz 10nedy
    Nicodemouz 10nedy

    his full name is "Shannot matter anymore"

  • jrockbuc

    Shanon is such a hater lol

  • Rob Vz
    Rob Vz

    John Elway carried the team that's why shannon hates on QuarterBacks. Other wise shannon would never be a superbowl champ.

  • Rob Vz
    Rob Vz

    Shannon Sharpe hates on Brady so much he can't stand it. Shannon hates he will never be as great as the GOAT.

  • RedKing

    Why are the cowboys mentioned at all lol

  • D G
    D G

    The darker guy is very come he is on TV

  • Brian Erwin
    Brian Erwin

    did they improve? they improved because they had no subtraction.. 🤣 the troll of the ages

  • Brian Erwin
    Brian Erwin

    lost at why they bothered to list cowboys at 18

  • Jim Caputo
    Jim Caputo

    would anyone watching this buy that jacket shannon is wearing????

  • Jim Caputo
    Jim Caputo

    looks like shannon was standing on the corner in front of a muddy puddle and brady drove by and splashed him

  • set forlife19
    set forlife19

    Skip ear look like it got stung by a bee.

  • Eggrollsauce

    No point of debating with Shannon. The disrespect from him on Brady after Brady just won another Super Bowl! Brady has achieved greatness, especially at his age, at a high level and Shannon still disrespecting. Imagine if Brady wasn't winning. Geez..

  • Strahinja Kovacevic
    Strahinja Kovacevic

    Bucs rated #2. That's all that Brady needs to keep going for another ring. When will they learn that this man MUST not be doubted.

  • Strahinja Kovacevic
    Strahinja Kovacevic

    One would think that Shannon will finally learn that TB is the reason for wining, not the receivers or tight ends. So tired of his disrespect for Brady... It doesn't matter what they rate Bucs. They WILL be a better team this season, but nobody can guarantee Superboul trophy.

  • Ronnie B
    Ronnie B

    Sharpe just has to go against anything Brady

  • Mike Ferrin
    Mike Ferrin

    Vegas agrees with Shannon

  • Richard Lewis
    Richard Lewis

    Remember when Shannon used to say "What have you done for me lately?!" Aye Shannon, what have those opt outs and signees done for them lately? Oh that doesn't matter now?

  • Anthony J
    Anthony J

    I love it when the debating get louder and louder and it’s a (in Skips voice) it’s a whoooole lotta shouting going on 😂.... it makes me laugh uncontrollably every time 😂

  • Mike Kinney
    Mike Kinney

    Shannon can't get past ghe fact that his boy mcholmes and the rest of the mobile, running QB like Jackson, and Watson keep getting beat by old man stay in the pocket TB12

  • nick moreto
    nick moreto

    Why shannon can't accept the reality that the chief are not the same anymore. A rubbish reasoning about the chief🙄

  • hugo decroix
    hugo decroix

    Bucs are all in so is the chief so let’s see what happens

  • Thor Loki
    Thor Loki

    “ you can’t play this game hurt “ *laughs in Jarvis Landry*

  • -rAIST

    Shannon: Did Brady gave that much talent before? Tom Brady: I won 6 without top tier offense Manning: I was setting records with the Broncos and still lost the SB….

  • Bailey Howard
    Bailey Howard

    I just love watching Skip annihilate Shannon. Shannon doesn’t look at everything he’s kinda biased. Skip goes off facts.

  • AshasenjuTV

    Now that's just hating.

  • Lane Potts
    Lane Potts

    Chiefs shouldn’t even be number 2 the bills or the browns should be up there

  • Pooh williams
    Pooh williams

    You Brady fans fans are delusional Tom Brady play with Pro Bowl Talent all over the field stop with this whole they play football during the pandemic with no training camp cuz no team had any training camps and all the teams played during the pandemic

  • Bob

    Unlike McCarthy and Prescott, when Brady says something, he means it. He told them they would run the table after the bye week. They did that. He said he wouldn’t wear a blazer to the super bowl. So when he says they would be even better next year, you would have to be a damn fool to not believe him😂

  • Keith Nicholson
    Keith Nicholson

    Once an idiot, always an idiot. I guess you gotta be known for something together the paycheque SS gets, but one would think that you could come up with shtick better than an idiot with dumb takes

  • mikeandmars2345

    #18 am thinking some in the 20's

  • William Whalen
    William Whalen

    Shannon has lost his mind, Brady is living rent free in his mind, Tampa is the the #1 team in the NFL...PERIOD.

  • oacevedo81

    Shannon: Did Tampa Bay get any better? They won the Superbowl and beat the Chiefs DECISIVELY, but Shannon expects them to improve on being the Champ??? It can't be done; there is no spot higher on the mountain than the summit... All a team can do is hope to repeat. And let's not forget that last year Shannon chose the Packers over the Bucs, the Saints over the Bucs, and the Chiefs over the Bucs. He's just going to keep betting against Brady until he gets it right.

  • Syndrac

    Gotta appreciate the level of consistency in the hate Sharpe has for the Bucs. Before the Super Bowl began there was “no way the Bucs win even without the 2 Tackles of the Chiefs.” After a 31-9 beatdown. “Chiefs are still better.”

  • Ron Pickens
    Ron Pickens

    He was up against it just like every quarterback except he came out on top Shannon

  • Ron Pickens
    Ron Pickens

    Tom Brady for commissioner when he retires at 50 years old.

  • Ron Pickens
    Ron Pickens

    Tampa Bay is better than Kansas City but you don’t expect Shannon to say they are as much as he hates Brady.