Brooklyn Nets assembled a superteam to deal with LeBron James - Shannon | NBA | UNDISPUTED
Bronny James seems to agree with last week’s report that the Brooklyn Nets are scared of seeing LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers in the Finals. While talking about Brooklyn’s latest signings, Bronny posted on social media saying quote, 'all this to stop a 36-year-old man in year 18.' Followed by the yawning emoji. Hear what Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe have to say about a potential Nets vs. Lakers Finals.
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UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
Brooklyn Nets assembled a superteam to deal with LeBron James - Shannon | NBA | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

  • Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Did the Nets assembled a superteam to deal with LeBron?

    • Adrian Lazaro
      Adrian Lazaro

      @Legend HCR2 suspended school

    • Adrian Lazaro
      Adrian Lazaro

      Coming up?

    • Unknown Sources
      Unknown Sources

      @LeBron James lmfaoo bro shut up

    • Chloe Ratchford
      Chloe Ratchford


    • ChaseMastuhh

      Deal with LeBron? Are you sure they coming out of the west?

  • David Ko
    David Ko

    Dammmm skip u a hater mannnn this dude what a disgrace!!!!!!


    Klay was the most important person on that team and he almost beat Toronto by himself Kyrie ain’t been nothing since he left the cavs skip stop it


    Lebrun ain’t never cried his way off a team to go to a better team. He played with the cards he was dealt

    • Jalen Luckett
      Jalen Luckett

      What about the year he traded his whole team? Lol 🤦🏽‍♂️🤣

  • Matthew Comino
    Matthew Comino

    LeBron has literally been in the NBA dominating for half his lifetime...


    Skip losing that edge. Shannon winning every discussion lately.

  • Ray Williams
    Ray Williams

    Get this old dotard off tv

  • Tallgeese3

    "He had the guts to join Gokden State" lmao

  • Sam Bergeron
    Sam Bergeron

    "There is no fact that you just uttered, it is nothing but presumptuous baloney" - Skip 4:15 LMAOO

  • Maurice Ellis
    Maurice Ellis

    I guess they're counting the Lakers out which may be true if Anthony Davis and LeBron James are not healthy but if they get healthy they will beat the clippers and will definitely give the nets a challenge and may even take them down !

  • Christian Morris
    Christian Morris

    This will always be the perfect show . A guy who overly loves Lebron and a guy who overly hates Lebron😭No matter what , the arguments will always be amazing .

  • glynn Herron
    glynn Herron

    Kd going to Golden State after losing from up 3 and 1. Ussy move

  • Mac Banks
    Mac Banks

    Yea and Lebron made a super team to beat the Celtics. Nets just building a team like all GMs should. This isn’t about Lebron lol

  • 74mackd

    Draymond NEVER cried on the phone and begged KD to come. That’s was just a lie told by the sports media

  • Trotty 10
    Trotty 10

    I agree with Skip

  • Jewel Tyler
    Jewel Tyler

    Bro stop trying to diminish Michael Jordan it ain't working don't care what you talking about stop it dude can't make another topic

  • Steven Priester
    Steven Priester

    Easy to say 2 superstars vs 2 superstars when you have 2 top 5 players lol

  • clevemc

    Lebron put together a SUPER TEAM to beat EVERYONE Else!!!! Bronny James, don't make excuses for your dad, he's already done that with the team he has now! LOOK AT ALL THE STARS HE HAS TO MAKE UP FOR HIS SHORTCOMINGS!!!! Shannon, YOU ARE DELUSIONAL!!!!!

  • BIG M
    BIG M

    skip has to have alzhiemers

  • Julian Blum
    Julian Blum

    Oh so Lebum didn’t develop a super team to win his championships foh

  • Shane V
    Shane V

    The cap space is going Cray Cray for the nets

  • Dee Lee
    Dee Lee

    Skip needs some alcohol so he can think sober🤣🤣

  • Zachary McDaniel
    Zachary McDaniel

    Every time you hear skip say hmmm, take a shot.

  • M H
    M H

    Lakers 2021....

  • batgangonone

    Skip when you start your argument by defamation of character you’ve already lost. You talk about how Shannon is delusional or out of his mind when I’m fact you are. You’re the most delusional analyst when it comes to Lebron. I don’t care how many games you covered in your past because that doesn’t make any point you’ve ever made valid. Validity is based off of the factual information you consistently present and you don’t. No one believes your lies so continue to either troll the sports community or live in your consistent “delusion .”

  • Meshach Jones
    Meshach Jones

    Shannon coming for Skip's neck. Lesgoooooo 🗣🗣🗣🗣

  • Meshach Jones
    Meshach Jones

    Skip talking pure garbage as always

  • 6970chance

    To say Skip been covering basketball for 40 years, Shannon be giving out "L"s everyday on hoop discussions

  • Cameron Rivers
    Cameron Rivers

    Skip don’t even believe himself smh

  • Josh Spears
    Josh Spears

    No they put together a super team to deal with Lebron's super team, when Lebron does it everybody just wants to play with him 🙄 but anyone else does it they are scared of Lebron 😂🤣😂🤣 it's the inverse, AD was THE ONLY ONE who wanted to play with him, Drummond came in once he saw they could win, and everyone wants to play with KD, the actual best player in tge world rn, they are beggin to go to the Nets, no one tryna go to the Lakers to stand on the wing and hope Lebron takes a break from padding his stats to pass them the ball, don't get mad at it Shay

  • Lemroyal James
    Lemroyal James

    No one wanted to be in the bubble? But had the Clippers won, Skip would had gloated.

  • Pierre Lindor
    Pierre Lindor

    Stop that laying skip ,it's another super team against LeBron James like they did in golden state

  • Tony Staton
    Tony Staton

    Love u shannon. Telling facts

  • Tony Staton
    Tony Staton

    Kd is soft. He hates lebron.

  • Jes us
    Jes us

    Lebron had the guts to join d wade and bosh at Miami 😂😂😂😂

  • sasswhosane


  • Mr Nice To Meet You
    Mr Nice To Meet You

    Lmfao “Skip - Your delusion is amazing” 😆😆😆😆😆😂😂😂😂😂

  • Dominique Jones
    Dominique Jones

    Them half truth narratives, like lbj wasn't on the heat with Wade and bosh

  • Antonio Vaughn
    Antonio Vaughn

    Ik they are friends but I wish Shannon hated skip

  • Rodney Sawyers McLean
    Rodney Sawyers McLean

    Sorry but, Kobe beat that Boston Celtics team.

  • Michael Washington
    Michael Washington

    I think I've watched Skip so much that I can predict his takes

  • SlyRacoon

    It’s weird how he says he stole them in the draft but Manu was the 57th pick and tony was the 28th pick

  • Simple for all
    Simple for all

    Even haters know it hurts but what Shannon saying is true

  • Joemar Banate
    Joemar Banate


  • Mr. Draco
    Mr. Draco

    2:10 *O U C H !*

  • Bluegrass Mann
    Bluegrass Mann

    Shannon has to be the biggest LeBron suck I've seen on TV lol. I'm more disappointed with AD joining LeBron instead of wanting to compete against him.

  • Alphonso Thomas
    Alphonso Thomas

    LeGoat is the real Goat!

  • Slade’s Gaming
    Slade’s Gaming

    “The game 7 block is the most overrated block”….. that’s crazy 😂


    Facts 💛💜‼️🤩 RingChasingForLebronLegacy👑🤴🏽 RingChasingForAnthonyDavis🏀🏆 RingChasingForKobe&Gigi🐍⛹🏽‍♂️ RingChasingForLakers18Banner🏆🏆

  • Rodney Love
    Rodney Love


  • Eddie Marin
    Eddie Marin

    Blake and aldridge are just parts and not important parts? Wow..thats seriously false especially when you saw the nets lacking physicality before they arrived. They have an important role for this team

  • LaRon Brown
    LaRon Brown

    I friggin love uncle shay

  • 12gark

    I want to see Skip's face when his mighty Nets will lose with the 6th seed Lakers in the Finals. That would be hilarious

  • Rich Ojeleye
    Rich Ojeleye

    Skip your defense is weak. Uncle Shay got this one.

  • Rich Ojeleye
    Rich Ojeleye

    Common man. A block is a block is a block. Skip !!!!

  • Daisuke Akiyo
    Daisuke Akiyo

    Lebron been picking his team since miami days

  • At the speed of life
    At the speed of life

    That was a lie Draymond Green didn't went crying in a parking lot to KD. I cant believe how long this lie lasted. Lebron fans was the ones who made that lie up.

  • S G
    S G

    2008 Celtics reminder me today Brooklyn nets ohhh and don’t forget the 2010 spurs or the warriors! Lebron always has to face super team and that’s the bottom line

  • Sharkboy420

    7:04 “except win” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sharkboy420

    Skip “ Mmmmmm” bayless

  • Plantation News
    Plantation News

    When it's Skips turn to speak and the subject is LeBron, it's time to go.

  • ZCT 1
    ZCT 1

    LeBron is definitely in KD and Kyries head atleast

  • Tyrone Weekes
    Tyrone Weekes

    Shannon the Celtics didn’t make the playoffs the year before kg and Allen got there so that argument about the Celtics not getting past a 22 year old Lebron is pointless and how did Orlando do against Lebron in 2009 when the Celtics didn’t win so he wasn’t running through the east then it was when he got to Miami with his superteam is when he started his finals streak

  • Dev Glada
    Dev Glada

    Skip is terrible. Quit please ☺️

  • Marlo Stanfield
    Marlo Stanfield

    The Lakers assembled a Super team to beat everybody

  • Jaden D
    Jaden D

    Teams draft and sign players to win it don’t matter who they play you LeBron fans got to stop thinking world revolves around him

  • Jaden D
    Jaden D

    Wasn’t Lakers trying to get Klay or Kawhi with AD and LeBron

  • Squarehead Coughlin
    Squarehead Coughlin


  • vondior

    So GSW desperately needed KD skip? This is why kids you supposed to your own homework

  • Jameen OD
    Jameen OD

    Skip: Lebron dodged a bullet from the Clippers Shannon: How do you dodge a bullet that they didn’t fire. Ball Game 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Vernisa Smith
    Vernisa Smith

    Thank you Shannon!!! Teach Skip! 🏀🏀🏀

  • Borsalino Videos
    Borsalino Videos

    Shannon speaks Facts Skip: your delusion is amusing to me

  • Ton Huyen Thu
    Ton Huyen Thu

    The oval duck finallly wrestle because rugby wessely sneeze at a deadpan find. loud, one gender

  • Goated Highlights
    Goated Highlights

    I dnt understand Skip, he give me a headache everytime

  • crankyboiy

    Every franchise tries to do that to win a chip not because to beat a player, the FK is Shannon talking about? Not everything in NBA revolves around James.

  • Jason J
    Jason J

    Dont nobody talk about that weak layup he missed caused the block

    • Jason J
      Jason J

      @Borsalino Videos did the ref call it

    • Borsalino Videos
      Borsalino Videos

      Fouled by iguodala on that

  • King K
    King K

    This dude said Lebron’s block is the most overrated block in history.... yeahhhh I’m cool on Skip

  • MMD

    Skip: “He had the guts to go join a super team” Russell Westbrook: “what??”

  • Frankie Lee
    Frankie Lee

    And this nets still can't take down LeBron

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker

    Skips ok with KD having all the help. If Lebron did the same he will hate on him

  • Five Geez TV
    Five Geez TV

    Skip be sounding stupid. I can’t believe he has a show. But they pay for people like him. It’s factual. Jordan put a super team together to beat shaq and penny.

  • Ricky Phoenix
    Ricky Phoenix

    Skip is dissing the NBA organization by says it was a bubble gum championship. Well that same bubble gum is the reason you are making a living right now. Well there is no more bubble now i dare the Clipps to make it to WCF and LeBron will be waitin' so you stop flailing boy

  • Ricky Phoenix
    Ricky Phoenix

    excuse me Skip was it Jordan the best player on the planet? now is KD because is on the Nets to go against LeBron to save you from last year Clipps choke 🤣 i am waiting to demolish the Clipps in WCF & Nets in the Finals but the fact is Skip will find little plays to diminish him because this is what he does but Shannon is here to roast you

  • Jamal Bryant
    Jamal Bryant

    The lakers gonna get whooped before the finals, ain't nobody scared of lebron he good but he ain't all that.

  • Steven Tehrani
    Steven Tehrani

    I could’ve been on that warriors bench averaging 10 a game

  • Jamel Hudson
    Jamel Hudson

    Shannon is Hilarious 😆

  • Being Brian
    Being Brian

    Did uncle Shannon forget about Kobe? The Celts were made to stop Kobe, no one even thought of Lebron

  • Mark Rangers
    Mark Rangers

    Shannon is correct! Don't waste your time to explained Lakers superior team than others. Skip is an idiot (haters) got paid ($8m) for nothing don't understand basketball who is the best team (LAKERS) under his radar:). Shannon just sit back and watch Skip when he told everyone (whole world) that Brooklyn(Durant wanna be best player) and his Clippers will be in FINALS (just laugh) by the end Lakers will win:). GAME OVER.

  • Eddie Warrick
    Eddie Warrick

    Skip just talk sh$$ to get to Shannon and he’s the biggest labron hater ever

  • Alan Bales
    Alan Bales

    On god if anybody else would have won a ring last year it would have been the the best ring ever but since it was bron it’s a bubble gum ring

  • Alan Bales
    Alan Bales

    Skip says it’s ok for everybody in the nba to do something but let lebron do some it’s the worst thing

  • Alan Bales
    Alan Bales

    Skip hates lebron with a passion

  • Lamon Woods
    Lamon Woods

    The Lakers , Heat, Cavs did the same for Lebron. The Celtics, Blazers.

  • Common sense Christian
    Common sense Christian

    They have to by Philly first

  • Graeme Matamua
    Graeme Matamua

    Anyone here after they got smoked hahahha

  • Mai Tan Khang
    Mai Tan Khang

    The dear nic objectively point because butter architecturally continue between a true representative. abashed, dangerous milk

  • Trump Ameri
    Trump Ameri

    Denver nuggets team will destroy them both

  • bloodcathedral

    Kyrie : I play when I want to. I have more important things to do. LeBron : We (Lakers) built different Skip Bayless - the CNN of Sports media

  • Michelle Nguyen
    Michelle Nguyen

    The curious sheet parallely amuse because ghost relatedly bump without a flippant notify. gamy, wiry makeup

  • Michael U.
    Michael U.

    Didn’t the lakers just beat the healthy nets with NO LEBRON OR AD💛💜💛💜