Baylor/Gonzaga, Darnold trade, Cowboys (4.6.21) | UNDISPUTED Audio Podcast
▶ Surprised Gonzaga couldn’t pull off their perfect season against Baylor last night? (00:00)
▶ Will Sam Darnold finally reach his potential in Carolina? (21:44)
▶ Did Aaron Rodgers prove he can be a full-time host when he retires after his “Jeopardy!” debut? (32:35)
▶ Did Jalen Suggs still show enough last night to prove he’ll be an NBA star? (47:46)
▶ Agree Dallas “will be fine” despite not making any big offseason moves? (1:00:00)
▶ Surprised to hear KD & Kyrie are mentoring James Wiseman? (1:12:25)
▶ Steve Lavin joins to discuss Baylor’s National Championship win. (1:21:55)
▶ Which rookie QB will the Jets take to replace Darnold? (1:37:42)
▶ Will Hubert Davis succeed in replacing Roy Williams at North Carolina? (1:45:44)
▶ Impressed by Kyrie Irving’s big night without Harden & Durant? (1:51:21)
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Baylor/Gonzaga, Darnold trade, Cowboys (4.6.21) | UNDISPUTED Audio Podcast
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

  • Edwin Rodriguez
    Edwin Rodriguez

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  • Patriots SBChamps
    Patriots SBChamps

    I wish it would show the show instead of just the background with time slots for certain topics.

  • Josh Rodriguez
    Josh Rodriguez

    These guys always want context but never take context into consideration. "Gonzaga put up 102 on kansas" literally the first game of the season

  • Ryan Semen
    Ryan Semen

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  • Jay Anderson
    Jay Anderson

    No LeBron or Tom Brady topic. Its amazing... how good a show can be without them talking about them two all the time.

    • Rob Chumley
      Rob Chumley

      Somehow they throw in both names in anything lol

  • Plazik

    No chance Rodgers takes the Cowboys to the superbowl. That defense is awful. At best he would make the divisional game. A comparable team to the Bucs talent on the oline, skill positions, and defense is the Steelers or Niners. Let's not get it twisted tho he had a good team last year, his oline was way better than Tampas, his running game was better, his receiving corps was worse but he still had Adams who's better than anyone on the Bucs, MVS who was good for a 50+ yard play a game, and Robert Tonyan who's honestly better than what Gronk is now. Dude didn't really start until week 4 and still had nearly 600 yards and 11 TDs, and had 2 great pass catching backs ie A Jones and Jamal. Packers D was also ranked the number 9 D which I think was slightly better than the Bucs. Bucs have the 3rd best front 7 after WAS and PITT but GB still has some studs on that front. And lastly their secondary was much better than Tampas until playoff time

  • Duffy Da Creator
    Duffy Da Creator

    Nobody cares about the cowboys stop talking about them every episode

  • Aziz W
    Aziz W

    Damn bro, Aaron Rodgers can't even breath without Skip jumping down his back. Like bruh it's the offseason and he's doing his own thing, not every moment is about football.

  • Enos

    Apparently skip forgot that MJ basically mentored Kobe after they faced off in the all star game.

  • Enos

    Let's not act like the Panthers are just loaded with stars. Darnold won't be much better there than he was at the jets

  • canyon turner
    canyon turner

    Skip gotta be the biggest Aaron Rodgers hater ever

  • Arron Wang
    Arron Wang

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  • Figaro James
    Figaro James

    Every couple of years, people go ga-ga over Gonzaga. And every year they do, Gonzaga never wins the chip. That's why I picked Baylor.

  • PowerMagika

    I actually didn't know y'all uploaded the episode's in podcast format so this is awesome.

    • Tyler Moudy
      Tyler Moudy

      @AndrewRobbi Not with IRbin Premium though

    • PowerMagika

      @swelly84 fugg off bish

    • swelly84

      PowerMagika Your so late

    • AndrewRobbi

      Yeah with 50 ads

  • Jeremiah Seavey
    Jeremiah Seavey

    Go ravens

  • Bryan Seay
    Bryan Seay

    Just wanted to stop by and remind y'all that the Cowboys still hot garbage.

  • Monty Hibdon
    Monty Hibdon


  • dsales2011

    Tannehill is terrible Shannon and I'm a Titans fan.

    • Jay Anderson
      Jay Anderson

      @Reginald Williams Dude stats can lie.... Tannehill was not and still aint good. He's a serviceable QB.

    • Enos

      That's pretty much what I said. He's not good. He's serviceable at best.

    • PowerMagika

      No he's not. lol

    • Reginald Williams
      Reginald Williams

      Are you crazy?? Don't look at the dolphins record look at tanner hill stats his while career in miami...

  • Luis Ventura Jr
    Luis Ventura Jr

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  • Frank Espinoza
    Frank Espinoza

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